Dream: Sidesaddle Lawnmower LUCID *sexual*

Note: This entry contains some graphic descriptions of gay sex. If it’s not legal in your community for you to read it, you’re not old enough, or it would disturb you… please don’t click on the cut-tag.
Dream 20030902, 5:55 AM:

This dream was very brief and had a kind of hurried feel to it, as if I knew on some subconscious level that I was going to wake soon, and was trying to rush through the dream.

I ended a long dream series; I’ll detail some of it in another entry if I get a chance. It seemed like I woke up, but I was lying on the floor at the Kingwood house, face-down on the carpet in front of the living room couch. I had great difficulty keeping my eyes open, which has become a clue to me that I’m not really awake, but experiencing a false awakening.

I can’t seem to “wake up” to the dream, so with my eyes closed, I stumbled to my feet and began to spin. I can see the room around me, a collection of furniture that I don’t recognize. It changes as I spin, but I remember two or three leather chairs, one is a sort of reddish brown, the others black. I stop spinning, and quickly walk down a hallway before me, trying to get outside. I open a couple of doors (one inside another, like a cartoon) and then realize that this isn’t the way to the front door, and turn around and go through the front hallway and out of the house. As I mentioned before, this all feels very hurried, as if I’ve got a short time deadline.

I want to go outside and find somebody for some sex play. I’m unusually horny, even for a lucid dream, which are often very horny for me. I go through the next-door neighbor’s lawn, and there is a woman riding on a tiny lawn-mower; it’s built like a little scooter, bright yellow and red, and she is riding it side-saddle. She’s very pretty. It’s a funny, incongruous image, and it makes me laugh. I know that there won’t be any hot guys to play with here, though, and so I race off across the street.

There is a small crowd of people here. Instead of the big three-story house that is across from the Kingwood house, it seems like an open-air market. I walk through, and see a couple of hot guys off a little ways, and head over to where they are. They’re over closer to the Bass’s house, but now it seems like that’s a small strip shopping center, with a small coffee shop or restaurant, and other little businesses. I go into the coffee shop, and literally grab hold of a handsome tanned blond guy who is jogging by wearing only shorts. He seems willing, even keen, and within just seconds he’s on his knees, sucking my cock. The imagery seems to go a little weird, as if my visual perspective is changing; then it stabilizes. I push him face-down on the floor, and begin to lick at his ass; the hole is puckered up very tight, and I remember thinking about a line that an LJ buddy, wrote in one of his erotic fiction pieces, “cried out as he felt a tongue press past his ring” – and think to myself that I’m not likely to be getting in there with my tongue, because the guy is so tight. His ass is tanned, too, which only seems odd in waking hindsight. I push my cock into him and start to rock back and forth, but wake up for real this time.

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    It’s always such a balancing act… if I focus too much on the physical sensation, then the dream fades and I wake up. If I don’t focus on it and enjoy it, then what’s the point of the lucid sex dream in the first place?

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