Dream: Hospital Hallways LUCID

Dream 20030828, 7:10 AM:

This dream didn’t last very long, but was fairly cool.

I’m driving along, and I realize that I have to take a cloverleaf onramp to get onto the freeway bridge. It reminds me of one of the freeways near the Kingwood house. As I get onto the freeway part, I find that I’m not driving at all; I’m walking along. There are a large number of people here, also walking along; it reminds me somewhat of the hallways in an airport, with some people loitering and some hurrying. I look around, and notice that a couple of people are in various states of undress; this triggers a realization that I’m DREAMING, and I get lucid.

One fairly cute guy is walking toward me. He’s got sandy brown-blond hair, and like so often happens in my lucid dreams, I want to find a partner and some semi-private place and have some sex play. He walks past me, clearly in a hurry, but I turn and pursue him, saying, “Hey… I’m dreaming.” He turns, sees me, but keeps walking fast. I hurry behind him, and take hold of his sleeve. He looks at me, and is now decidedly less cute than before. I tap the side of his head, and say, “Hey, this is my dream, get cuter.” I visualize him with more jaw, and a stronger chin. He looks back, and his face has changed; he looks kind of like a cross between and – which should probably tell me I’ve been reading too much LJ and should get out in the real world more… but hey, either of them would do for a dream play buddy…

We’re still walking down a hallway, which now looks decidedly like a hospital, and not like an airport any more. It’s carpeted, with a kind of nice but institutional style to the doors. I’m contemplating something isolated like a bathroom, when we turn around a corner, and I’m shocked to see a bunch of angry young men gathered around a hospital bed in the middle of the intersecting hallway, beating a young Asian man who is half-sitting, half-lying on it. They are moving in exactly the same rhythm as the men from the mob in my earlier dream, although they are eerily silent, aside from the noise of the man being repeatedly struck. The bed is half-folded, and I think that they are going to beat him up and then fold the bed in half, crushing him to death.

I turn and run. I go down several hallways, and eventually open a door and go into a very old-style tiled bathroom. I think to myself that I need to secure this environment; that otherwise the men could attack me. I hold out my hands, and have a staff which seems to be made of a white ice, or maybe it’s just made of light, and I plant it into the ground before me and start to send out a sphere of white light from it, increasing in radius. I realize that this will protect me here, but what I ought to do instead is make the whole building safer by dealing with the problem. I’m just dream-aware enough to realize that this would be a more spiritually fulfilling and effective way to handle the situation – facing my problems rather than hiding from them. I pick up my staff, un-planting it from the tile floor, and start to run down the hallway with it in hand. The sphere of white light follows me, and I can clearly envision beating up the attackers with the staff. A bright red light flashes in front of me (the Nova Dreamer light and I recognize it as such) and then the atmosphere of the dream starts to fade, and I find myself lying in bed.

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    It’s similar to a visualization I use when doing magical “house cleaning” – I physically clean, then go through and cense the doors and windows, then sit in a central spot and meditate about a sphere of light and power growing out from me, to encompass the house… I’ve never seen it as a staff like that before, but it was a good strong visual so I’ll probably try to use it again.

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    Physical effect in the real world? No. It’s a mental energy construct, and it only changes my surroundings on a mental / metaphysical level.

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    Nova Dreamer

    It’s a sophisticated little sleep mask that watches your eyes with an infrared sensor, and when you’re REM’ing, flashes a little diode. This enters your dream world – and once you get the settings right, and practice enough, it clues you in to the fact that you’re dreaming, without actually waking you. It’s been a great help for me in achieving dream lucidity, although now I often find that I get lucid *before* it flashes, and sometimes it can distract me or dazzle my eyes. I’ve had long lucid dreams where it went off three or four times. I usually only wear it when I’m doing Magic Naptime in the mornings; wearing it all night made me sweaty and uncomfortable.

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