Dream: Boarding the Wrong Boat

Dream 20030824, 2:30 AM:

I’m at the edge of a slow-moving, grassy creek bank. I sit down on the edge, putting my feet into the water, and I realize that each of my hands is resting on a box turtle. I look at them, pick them up, and call Chris over to see them. Both have the bright orange and red scales like Mint; I call them by name, one is Peppermint and I forget what the other one is. Both of them seem to have a lot of missing or damaged shell; I can look through the holes and see more of the brilliant scales. Chris and I try to puzzle out why they are so broken up.

There are beautiful fish in the water. They look like small sun perch, but have colorful tails like guppies, in colors of blue and rose. I point to them, and say something about how they might be tasty to eat, but I’m just joking with Chris.

Then, it’s evening, and I’m walking naked along a beach. I have on a big floppy hat, like one of my Renaissance ones. I decide that I’m going to go down the pier and get on a boat. I notice that there are other people on the pier, and so I look around for something to cover myself with. I think briefly about covering my genitals with the hat, but decide instead to pick up a white towel that is laying spread out on the beach, apparently abandoned. It is heavy with sand and moisture, but I shake it off and wrap it around my waist, and head on out to the boats.

Somehow, I get onto the wrong boat. It seems like the boats are flat and right next to one another, and I just walk onto the wrong part. It pulls away very quickly, and I walk up to the helm to find an old couple. The boat is the size of a large yacht, but more flat, almost like a house boat. The man asks me if I know where they’re going – I reply that I don’t, and he tells me they’re going up to Washingon Sound, or something like that. We are motoring at speed past walls and wharfs; it looks more like a river than the sea, but I know it is some kind of inlet. I don’t want to put them out by making them turn the boat, but he says something about never worry about the captain. He starts to swing the boat in a wide arc, to take me back to the pier.

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