Dream: Christina's Card File

Dream 20030810, 5:00 PM:

I’m on the phone with Christina; she tells me that one of the teachers at her school is getting rid of a 3×5 card file, and she thinks it’s something I’d have a use for. I ask her a bunch of questions about the card file, trying to figure out if it’s something I can use; her answers don’t really explain it to me. I’m trying specifically to figure out how the cards go into the file, and if they hang from bars along the side, or are supported by the bottom of the drawer.

As we’re talking, I’m walking along a hallway, and finally she meets up with me and we walk to the room where the teacher with the card file is. She introduces me to another teacher, a slim woman in a blue blouse, and I shake hands with her, thinking that I’ve met her somewhere before. Christina tells me that someone has decided they need the card file, but that there’s another file of information that she thinks I need; it’s on full-sized paper. I ask if it’s in a file cabinet – we can see several of these, along with the small drawers of the card file, plus a tiny file that looks like it’s full of laminated business cards. I explain that a full-sized filing cabinet would be far too big and heavy for me to carry home in my car, and I really don’t need one that big.

Before we really get a chance to sort this out, though, it’s time for Chris to teach class. We walk along a series of hallways, heading for her classroom; apparently, I’m supposed to hang out while she teaches, and then we’ll go get the info files. As we walk, the hallways turn into streets, and we walk quite a ways. Chris looks around as if she’s puzzled, not quite sure how we ended up across town. I see a complex of buildings, one big house and a smaller outbuilding, and ask if she recognizes it – both of us do, it’s Muriel’s house. As we walk on, I can see furniture stacked up in the garage, which has a huge glass window along the side we see. Chris points to a chair hanging from a piece of ornamental woodwork, and says that she has a chair kind of like that one. I look, and it’s a desk chair hanging upside-down by its wheeled foot. I laugh, and say that I talked to Danny, and he said that they had realized after the move that they’d forgotten the chair. Chris doesn’t seem to believe me, although I’m not making it up.

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