Dream: Starring with Nick Nolte

Dream 20030715, 7:20 AM:

This dream is a little fuzzy by the time I managed to get it written out; I didn’t have time when I woke up.

I’m in some kind of action drama movie, starring opposite a young Nick Nolte. The action of the dream seems to change back and forth, from the story being real, to it being an acted drama. I remember running around and down a square staircase in an old building; he calls out to me something about which way we were supposed to go, and I tell him we’re supposed to duck in here and hide. People are shooting at us.

Then, the movie part is over. We’re wandering around, and there are a couple of women taking photos. It doesn’t seem like they’re doing glamour stills, it’s more like production record shots. I recall distinctly walking up behind Nick, who is standing shirtless with his arms up holding on to the lintel of a doorway, and running my hands up his bare torso. The muscles under his belly are firm, and I enjoy the texture of them under my hands. Someone snaps a photo of him from the front; I know that I’m going to show up as just a pair of hands and maybe part of my head or something sticking out. [note: Nova Dreamer light = flash]

Then, I’m lying on the floor, kind of lounging out, talking to someone about the show. I don’t feel like I’m doing very well with it; it seems like I’m not doing the performance the way I feel like it ought to be done. There’s a woman here, I think her name is Susan, and she tells me that I’d be surprised, I’m really doing a good job. People are impressed. I kind of laugh at the idea, like it’s just an appearance of things going well.

Then, I’m walking through a series of hallways with Susan. It seems like the corridors are the aisles of a store. We go to a counter, and she picks up a package of pictures. She hands them to me, and I start flipping through them. There are shots of several woman who were in the movie; they’re in their makeup, but the pictures are just candid shots. I am looking for the one with me and Nick, because I want to see how it turned out. I ask her to get a copy for me, because even though I’m only going to show up as a bump of a head and a pair of hands, I want to be able to have a record of it. She says she will. Looking through the pictures, I realize that they’re sorted cross-stacked, and I haven’t been keeping them in the right direction. I’ve been keeping them in order, but not stacked right. She takes one of the photos, and writes something on it with a pen in a blank space at the top; it’s her name and company information, so I can get in touch with her for the photo.

Then, the Nova Dreamer lights go off again, and I wake up. I try to get back to sleep, but can’t. The alarm goes off. *end*

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