Dream: The Wither House

Dream 20030622, 3:00 AM:

This dream happens in and around an old house on a beach. At one point, I have an image of the front of it; it could be from looking at a picture. Apparently it used to be a power plant. It has a big name sign, something with a B.

Dad and I go out through a basement wall that opens into the sea; we’re in some kind of little submarine, I think. It’s like a coral reef out here, and we travel around looking at all the marine life. It’s very beautiful. We go back inside, and I notice that the other side of the basement appears to have something in it, but it’s cemented over. I ask what’s over there, but he says we can’t get in there.

Later, in the library, which seems like an odd cross between a public library and a grand-old-house library, there are two beautiful young women with really white skin; I remark on it, because they are very pretty, but the color is very odd. One has a book that has their names on it; something like Janet and Jenneane Wither. After they have walked away, I turn to a little computer screen and type in “WITHER” to see if I can find any stories about them.

When I type that in, though, a chaise longue next to where I’m standing slides sideways and a part of the floor opens downward, leading into the secret section of the basement. I am looking around; it is sort of a control room, with panels of instruments and screens. A handsome tall man walks through, and I recognize him as a member of the family that owns the house; he doesn’t seem to notice that I’m out of place here.

I go back upstairs into the main room, and realize that I need to get the doorway closed back up so that I don’t get in trouble. Now, the little computer terminal where I entered the name is more like a tiny calculator, and I have to use the tip of a ballpoint pen cap to poke the little digits. It’s tough to get them punched. Somehow I eventually get it sorted out, though.

Then, I’m floating through the water outside of the house, I think in the little submarine again, although I don’t remember any details of it. I’m looking for some sort of evil creature hiding in the scrubby stuff on the ocean floor; it seems sometimes like being outside in a forest instead of in water. Something jumps up, but it disappears before I can see it clearly. Then, back at the house, I reach out the window and stab a long steel skewer through this little alien frog-like creature. I pick it up, and keep stabbing it with the skewer, opening up its guts, pulling them out. I feel like if I don’t kill it very thoroughly, it won’t die. It looks kind of like a real frog, but also kind of translucent and like something out of a Giger picture. As I’m poking it, I’m talking to someone here in the room with me, explaining why I have to dismember it so thoroughly.

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  1. musae
    musae says:



    I noticed you friended me on my journal, and thought you may perhaps be interested in my pagan ramblings journal (newly created)

    ElishevaTeth .

    Thank You for listening in to my thoughts!

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Friended?

    Howdy! I’m delighted to make new friends, and always keenly interested in dreamwork and other pagan topics. Out of curiosity, how did you choose Elisheva? Are you Jewish? I’m not, but spent five years living in a Conservadox household, so I got to know a little about it…


  3. musae
    musae says:

    Re: Friended?

    Hi there,

    No, I am not Jewish. 🙂

    It’s kinda of a bit of a linguistical journey, but I use Teth as my craft surname (yes, as in the hebrew letter and all the symblosim that goes with it).

    That being said, I wanted something that both meant something to me and flowed nicely. The two choice were narrowed down to “Isidanya” and “Elspeth”. I really liked Elsbeth, but wanted a five syllable name…so I looked up linguistical variants of Elspeth. When I came across Elisheva, I knew it was perfect because it meant the same as Elspeth (Elspeth being a deritive) and had the appropriate amount of syllables, as well as fitting with the surname.

    (Too much high ceremonial for me, can you tell?)

    I am still wondering how the appropriate pronounciation for this paricular name would be…Do you know if its “el-EH-she-va” or “el-eh-SHE-va”

    Merrily met,

  4. admin
    admin says:

    “The Unpronounceable Name…”

    I’ve always heard it “EL-uh-SHEVV-uh” – I can’t make that upside-down e that we called “Schwa” when I was learning phonetics… but one of those in the place where the i is. That from my Jewish friend who spoke relatively fluent Hebrew; I forget if she’s Ashkenazi or Sefardi pronunciation, but apparently she talks like they do in English synagogue, not like they do in America.

    I knew a person in the SCA who goes by Elisheva bat Simon Ha-Levi – it sounds kind of like a burbling brook, the way all that flows together. You have to aspirate the S, though, and make it “Shi-MON”. Sometimes Hebrew sounds very harsh to me with its stops and its hairball-consonants, but sometimes it is very musical.

    I’ve added your Elisheva journal to my friends list, and look forward to the continued conversation.

  5. admin
    admin says:

    Re: “The Unpronounceable Name…”

    O, that’s two “V”‘s, not a really fat W. I was trying to differentiate the E as a short vowel, to rhyme with “revv,” not with “leave”

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