Dream: Joanna's Fishes

Dream 20030422, 7:00 AM:

Most of this dream is very blurry. I woke up in sort of a fog, and only remember parts of it, not a story or any sense of events connecting in time.

I am at a party at J.’s house… sort of. It goes back and forth, sometimes seeming just like her house, with the stairs going to the upper levels, but other times it reminds me of the Kingwood house, and other times it is some other house that I can’t quite place.

It seems like a frat party, or some other party run by a bunch of kids. Mom and Dad (or, at other times in the dream, J. and R.), are asleep in one of the back rooms. I remember trying to get people to be quiet, because I don’t want to wake them. At other times, it seems like they are gone somewhere, and will be coming home soon.

I keep looking at the back rooms, which are full of things like shelves with baskets and stuff on them, and thinking that they aren’t right, J.’s house doesn’t have rooms there. They seem somehow shallow, as if they are not real, and nobody goes into them. I feel interested in them, like my brain is trying to catch on to the fact that this is a dream because the architecture is wrong.

I remember standing at something like a short bar cabinet. People are peeing into bottles like beer bottles, and I mix a whipped drink with some of the bottled pee and heavy cream. I taste it, and it is salty and sour, and I think that I need some splenda syrup to put in it to make it sweeter. I go off in search of the refrigerator, where the syrup should be. I don’t remember putting down the glass, but I don’t have hold of it later on.

I am walking around the room, looking at people who are sitting and chatting, some sprawled on the floor on throw pillows, others playing games or dancing. I feel kind of drunk now. I make my way over to a couple of big aquariums on stands; I look into one of them, and the fish are just sort of hanging in mid-water as if they were suspended in gel. I realize, “These are dream fish. This is a dream.” I turn and look at the other aquarium, and watch as the fish transform; I feel like I’m changing them, although I haven’t expressed a particular design for them.

There is a little more of the dream before waking, but I can’t remember it. The lucid portion doesn’t last long.

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