Dream: Dharma and Greg and Edward's Drag Show

Dream 20030326, 5:00 AM:

I’m out with Granddad. We are driving around, it might be in a truck, it might be a tractor… it doesn’t seem important what we’re driving in, the sense of it is open and serviceable. He wants to cut down a tree, and we are trying to find an appropriate one – it has to be standing dead, it has to be the right kind of tree (oak?) and it needs to be on property where we won’t get in trouble for cutting it. I have to go and do something else, and I leave him out hunting for the perfect tree.

Then, I’m at the Grangerland house, sort of. It belongs to Greg’s parents from Dharma and Greg. Kitty is hosting a big fancy dinner party. Several of the Dharma and Greg characters are here. There are trays and carts full of food, and almost nothing I can eat – everything is cakes and pies and breads. I go along and gently touch different foods, and can somehow tell which ones I can eat – they make a light “ting” noise when I touch them with my fingertips. I wonder about the turkey – if there was flour in the baking or the basting, and I touch it and it makes the noise too. I resign myself to not being able to eat anything. Kitty comes into the room and opens up a big oven and starts taking out loaves of bread of different kinds – one kind that looks like a coconut sweet bread has gotten burned, and I say, “Oh, that one came out kind of crispy.” She slices the breads and gets them ready to serve. I go into the kitchen, and on the island there is a roll of paper towels; I start to take the one that is first on the roll, but there is writing on it, small and purple and red in ink. I roll the written-on ones off, and then take a few after that and go back into the other room.

Then, we’re at an auditorium, and we’re getting ready for Edward’s drag show. As my point of view expands to take in all the musicians, audience members, support staff, and the scope of the room, I realize that it’s HUGE – and I think to myself that it’s much too big to be a drag show, they’re always small venues. Edward is up on stage in a big flowery spring sun dress with a wide pink hat, and he approaches the microphone and starts to talk. We see Kitty from the corner of the stage, and she runs up, meaning to be supportive of Edward but actually upstaging him because her dress is fancier than his. She does a sort of acrobatic run across the stage – the kind of thing that seems like it needs a handspring in the middle. Edward is angry with her for stealing his thunder, and he takes off his pumps and starts to throw them at her. Some of the crew decide to diffuse the situation, and they turn up the house lights and start a conga line, with all these people from the audience. It seems like a disproportionate number of them are wearing Santa or elf suits. One of them is waving to me, standing next to the end of the line, as if cueing me to join on.

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  1. loveisagypsy
    loveisagypsy says:


    Is Edward a friend? I love drag shows, haven’t been to one in almost two years. Have you ever heard of Kofi or Whitney Paige?

    I love Dharma and Greg. Kitty always struck me as a “royalty” figure. But all in all, the writeing on the paper towels is what stuck out the most. Interesting…..

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Edward?

    No, the Edward who is Greg’s dad from Dharma and Greg. In last night’s episode, Dharma got him involved in a store selling drag over the Internet, and in the final scene, he was in a dress and pumps and Kitty came into the store, and although initially shocked, started offering helpful fashion advice. It apparently made a strong impression on my subconscious.

    I’ve had writing on a few things in my dreams lately… and it seems like it’s somebody else’s writing, and I have to get past it and to a clean page before I can do what I need to. I wonder if it has to do with other people’s “scripts” for me?

    I think I’ve seen Kofi in Houston… don’t think I know Whitney Paige, tho. I wish that we had more old-style drag, where they were really singing and dancing, not just lip-synching to some diva…

  3. loveisagypsy
    loveisagypsy says:

    Re: Edward?

    I haven’t seen Dharma and Greg in such a long time. It was always one of my favorite shows.

    Sometimes my dreams are so far from anything I understand, or anything I know, that I wake up and I swear I was in someone else’s dream.

    I’m with you about the old style drag. I grew up in the 70’s and there was no lip sync back them. Kofi has a so-so voice, but Whitney Paige with all her titles couldn’t sing her way out of a wet paper bag.

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