Dream: Milana's on Mockingbird

Dream 20030322, 7:40 AM:

For some reason, I am upset and frustrated. This whole dream has an “I’m going to break down and cry for no reason” feel to it. I am at the house, and have some sort of argument with Chris. I don’t feel angry, so much as just in a sad blue funk. I go outside, get into my car, and drive away.

I want to go to Milana’s. I drive east on LBJ, and then I realize that I’m not sure where I’m going. After thinking about it for a moment, I remember that Milana lives at 2050 or 2520 Mockingbird. I turn down a street that is really more like where Greenville is, but in the dream it’s Mockingbird. I drive down it a ways, then without any transition, I am walking along an area that seems like a cross between a coffee shop, a mall food court, and a row of buildings. There are people at a coffee bar sitting at long-legged stools, laughing and talking. The bar and the area around it are decorated in very modern charcoal gray and black. There are address numbers on little signs, and I know that somehow Milana’s apartment is tucked in to this area. I finally find the right number, and go inside.

I visit with Milana briefly, then I go into a bedroom, and take off my clothes like I am about to go to bed. I then realize that I’m not supposed to be going to bed now, and I look around and find my pajamas, and put those on. I go out into the living room, and I’m talking to Milana about how upset I am; she says something about how if I let her (another friend?) get started, I’ll cry all night. She suggests that I might as well just plan on staying over. As she is telling me this, I am slumped sideways in an overstuffed chair, feeling pathetic and unmotivated. *end*

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Re: bad day?

    I think that I’m doing some therapy in my sleep, but I’m not really consciously aware of what I’m working on. I wake up from dreams like this, and I feel frustrated, depressed, and low… and I’m having trouble putting my finger on any real-life situation that relates. Sometimes I wonder if it’s working backward – my dream life bleeding over into my daily life, rather than the other way around. It definitely puts an odd spin on my morning.

    “A few mistakes” certainly applies.

  2. loveisagypsy
    loveisagypsy says:

    Re: bad day?

    That is just about the opposite of how it usually goes. It’s almost like living backwards. I don’t think I’d trade my dreams for anything, they make life interesting. Unfortunately, you can’t predict them. If I knew I were going to have a dream like that, I’d probably take a few Tylenol PM’s. I guess predicting them would rather defeat the purpose. Still, wish you could have skipped that one for your well being.

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