Dream: Touching My Dream Self LUCID *sexual*

Note: This dream contains some fairly blunt descriptions of gay sex. If that would disturb you, is not legal in your community, or you are not old enough to read it, please don’t scroll down.

Dream 20030317, 8:00 AM:

This dream started out lucid. I don’t remember the entire experience of falling asleep, but I find myself in a room full of naked guys having sex. They are doing all kinds of different things; some are fucking, some are sucking dick, etc. There are probably 30 or so guys in the room. As I look around, it looks like an large open-plan kitchen that leads into a dining area. It’s as if there is a porn movie being filmed here; there are new guys being “arranged” into parts of the room, like they’re being set in place for a shot. I watch as one guy gets down under the sink as if he is working on the plumbing, and another guy is playing with his dick.

As I’m watching this, I realize that I’m not physically embodied – I am a floating point of perspective moving through the room. At the same time, though, I have a strong sense of my dream body, and of my real body. It’s an odd sensation. In my dream body, I am lying on my back, stroking my cock and playing with my ass as I watch the guys getting it on. I can feel my dream body, and it seems like I can feel the twitch of my real body that usually means I’m getting close to waking, and have to be careful (this usually ends my sexual dreams – I’ll twitch and move too much, and wake myself up.) There is a tightness in the sense of motion of my arms, like they’re only able to move a certain small range of motion and speed without waking my sleeping body. I wonder to myself if I have somehow managed to actually move my sleeping body while maintaining the dream; it seems like I am lying in bed jacking off, while watching this hallucinatory scene in my mind. I resolve to wake immediately after the dream and see if I have moved.

I test my dream control, to see where it’s at – I make a couple of directorial commands, saying that this boy should fuck that one, or that this guy should lift his legs up; they move, but they don’t quite do what I say. I feel like they’re definitely not real, the sense of it being like a movie or a dream is strong.

I continue to jack off, and I get closer and closer to coming. The guys are all coming now, across each other’s bodies – one of the guys looks like a cinnamon roll, with stripes of white icing across his torso, and the image amuses me. I come myself (first time ever in a dream!) and it feels really good, and I feel it squirting out and splashing on my chest and hitting me in the mouth. I can taste it, slightly salty and warm. The scene fades to blackness. *end*

I wake up, but lie motionless; I can feel my arms in the same positions as when I went to sleep, my right hand holding the Bronze Key, my left hand holding on to my right bicep. I reach down and check to see if I physically ejaculated; I’m hard, but there’s no juice.

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  1. outherelistenin
    outherelistenin says:

    I’ve only just started reading your journal – mine’s obviously about my waking life, not dreams. Turns out your subconscious knows just which lurid tactics generate readership, though.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    lurid tactics…


    I’ve been enjoying your journal as well… often I find that sexually-oriented reading and movies will inspire sexy dreams; a way of incubating a certain kind of dream, or manipulating what dream scholars call “day residue.” For some reason, real people’s real accounts seem to have more effect than movies and magazines – maybe just the human factor.

    Here’s a few more of the racy ones – some of these are pretty far back, so I figure you wouldn’t have run across them.

    This one, or this one, or this other one

  3. outherelistenin
    outherelistenin says:

    Re: lurid tactics…

    Yeah, honestly, unless directed to specific entries, I don’t often go back and catch up on Friends’ journals, largely due to the volume of backlog and time constraints. Thanks for the links!

    Now to get back to writing about cock… *wink*

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