Dream: The Attack of the Fake Moon

Dream 20030311, 7:00 AM:

Chris and I are standing out in front of our yard, although a very different house and neighborhood than the Avenel House. We are looking around, and I point out the moon, which is very pretty shining through the trees. The trees are leafless, and the scene seems wintry. Then, I catch sight of another moon; this one seems preternaturally large and bright, and has more color than the real moon has, yellow highlights with blue shadows, in a sort of randomized paisley-esque pattern. I point it out to Chris, and we both turn and watch it. It seems flat, and closer than it ought to be.

As we watch, it sort of swings sideways like the lid on a Sterno burner, revealing a black hole behind. Thick dusty-looking black smoke starts to pour out of the hole, as we watch dumb-founded. I grab Chris by the arm and tell him that we need to get inside; he tells me that it will be OK, we can just stay here and watch. I tell him, “No, I have a feeling about this… trust me on it!” I grab him and pull, and finally convince him to come inside the house. The house is an old Victorian style thing, all browns and wood inside. We watch through the big front window as the smoke rolls through the neighborhood… people are screaming and falling to the ground writhing, as if it is somehow burning or hurting them. I am glad that we got inside, and give Chris an “I told you so” look.

Then, as we’re watching, the roiling clouds of black smoke seem to part, and there is an odd double-barreled tornado coming straight for us. I tell Chris that we have to get the kids and go to the basement. He says that he will stay in the workroom, and it’s safe enough. There seem to be three kids; two come with me and the eldest stays with Chris. I head to a corner staircase. The thought flashes through my mind, “This house doesn’t have a basement,” but then is immediately countered by a near-lucid thought, “I’m designing this whole thing; the house will have a basement.” I go down a sharply spiralled staircase into the dark; I feel safe and secure, although I’m worried about Chris and keep calling out to him trying to get him to join me.

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