Dream: The Mark of the Long Lamb

Dream 20030224, 6:00 AM:

I’m in a house where a woman is telling me something about magick; it seems like she’s part of one of the very formal societies, and is practicing something ritualized like Enochian or Goetic. There is a sense that there are several other women who will be arriving soon, but I don’t see them. The woman is holding an odd little baby turtle; it is some kind of familiar for her. It is a pale pearly white color, and has a long tail like a snapper, although not a snapper’s head. She holds it down on a counter or the floor, and while holding the tail with one hand, presses the thumbnail of her other hand down into the ridge on the top of its shell, just behind the head. Her thumbnail leaves a little dent in the shell, which is soft. She says something about leaving the Mark of the Long Lamb on it – it will make it more helpful to her in her magical work somehow.

Other things happen, and I don’t remember – or there is a skip in continuity. I’m driving away from the woman’s house with someone else in the car with me. There is an empty car – it looks like an SUV, or a Hummer, that comes out behind us and onto the road; it is unoccupied, and seems to be driving by itself. We go and meet with a group of people in some sort of RV or motor home, but I don’t recall what we do.

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