Dream 20030221, 5:30 AM: The Ravioli Betting Game

Dream 20030221, 5:30 AM:

I’m watching, (and participating in?) some sort of sex-based version of the Bachelor show. There are men and women who are all doing their whorish best to impress this one lucky guy. The scene that I remember, I am watching as there are several people in a swimming pool; one girl is shouting that another is down under the water doing something particularly daring and advanced; it’s got a catchy name, like “The Spiral.” My perspective shifts from above water, to below water, watching the action. The girl shouting seems concerned that the other girl is going to blow the competition out of the water, or under the water, as it were.

Then, I’m playing a betting game with Giles. He has a little table, and he is dealing out these little things that are like biscuits or raviolis. He places them in stacks, the first stack has several, I think 5, and then each successive stack moving to his right (my left) has one fewer, until there are none. I pick them up and turn them over, and there are numbers on the underside; they have to add up to some total in a given stack for me to win. I turn over the big stack, and no winner… then the smaller stacks one by one, and still no winner… but when I get to the stack of 2, one is 54 and one is 6, which adds to sixty, which is the winning number. Giles seems incredulous, like I wasn’t supposed to win. It’s a ten thousand dollar payout, because the odds are so long on the short stacks. Giles grudgingly gives me a stack of cash; it is a mix of different kinds of bills, smaller ones on top and larger ones beneath. It doesn’t look like ten thousand dollars (thin stack) but I don’t realize that during the dream, only after.

I ask how much it is to anty, and Giles tells me that there’s no anty. Then, seeming to contradict himself, he says that the anty is a Queen, unless we want to push it up to a Ruby. I look at my stack, and realize that the top is all $10 bills, but they have a Lady Liberty on the front instead of a president; she is the Queen he’s talking about. I somehow guess that a Ruby is a twenty; I have an image of one in my mind, with sparkling red gems included in the portrait. I pick up one of the tens, and put it down, and he deals again. The little ravioli looking things are getting larger, more like sopapillas; they are also looking more crusty and crumbly. Then, they shift somewhat, and look like they’re made of bird feathers.

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