Dream: Remodeled House and Studio

Dream 20030112, 10:00 AM:

This dream centers around a huge remodeling of the house and the Studio – it seems like it’s a different house altogether, although elements of it still remain. Dad and a group of his friends come up and do a lot of reworking to the yard, replacing a lot of the back yard with beautiful laid brick patterns and pathways, and the Studio is totally refitted and now is much larger, more like a house itself. It has a bedroom and all kinds of neat stuff in it. In the dream, the back yard slopes downward toward the back, and the Studio is in the opposite corner from where it now is, over where the little pole fort is. Dad tells me something about a patch that underlies a lot of the back yard – it is like a patch of a different kind of dirt, or something like that. It apparently made a difference in how they laid the bricks. I get muddy in the back yard, and have to wipe off.

I remember going out the front, and seeing that the siding has been all painted blue; the house has a much more geometric, modern shape. The house next door has been replaced by a large brick building; I think it is a school or something like that. I walk out to the end of the street, which dead-ends, and I remark that I won’t enjoy being on a dead-end like that and having to go around to get to anywhere, but it’s not too bad.

I am inside the Studio, and noticing how cool it is. I pick up a little book that looks like someone’s photo book, but as I look at it, I realize that it’s full of drawings and journal entries. The cover is thin and black like a business calender cover, and the pages clip into it by means of three little holes punched in them which hook into some tiny clip shapes in the metal inside the spine. I open it wide, and some of the pages fall out. I look at a couple that seem to be botanical studies, and the book has something to do with the author’s dealings with the Faeries.

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