Dream: The Blocked Toilet

Dream 20021122, 5:00 AM:

I’m with Chris at the Kingwood house, in the living room. We hear a lot of shouting outside, over toward the Bass’s house. I go and carefully peek through the dining room windows, and I can see that there are people standing in the driveway of the Bass’s house, and they’re shouting at each other, and I don’t know what they’re shouting about, but it doesn’t seem to be an argument once I look at it more closely. Then, I’m outside, and I don’t know if I’m trying to spy on the fighting neighbors, or just checking them out, or what. I’m pushing a cart, like a baby carriage, down the street. There’s a big bunch of passionflower vines growing at an angle up a power line beside the mailbox. I start looking at the flowers; there are two or three kinds there, but only one is blooming, caerulea. All the blooms seem old and faded. I go around the front, and there are some other flowers, really pretty dark maroon or burgundy iris, also a passionflower in pale lavender with only half its petals. I pick one of them to take in and show Chris. There is a woman here and she says something about selling the Bass’s house, and I point to our house, and say, “That one over there is mine,” and I start to tell her about the house, and I think it has to do with having her introduce us to the new neighbors. I think she’s a realtor.

Back inside the house, in the front bathroom working on the toilet. Chris is in here, and someone else, like a kid. Chris is talking to me and the toilet starts shooting water out of the back; it has a drain trap like a sink. Water starts spilling all over the floor. I’m trying to figure out where it’s blocked up, because it seems to be blocked up. There’s a cleanout valve in the back, and I can put my hand through the cleanout valve, and my other down the main drain, and I can touch my fingertips together – so I don’t know where it could be blocked, but water keeps coming out. I’ve got a little booklet that seems kind of tattered, but it’s all I’ve got – I start reading through it, and it explains how to clean the rotors and the gears. It looks like it’s instructions for an under-sink garbage disposal. I keep reading it trying to find the instructions for what I’m trying to do. Chris decides to take the little kid in the other room, because they’re distracting me. There’s a couple of gallons of water on the floor, I keep putting towels down to soak it up.

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