Dream: The Backhoe Accident LUCID ND

Dream 20021107, 7:15 AM:

I’m in my car, driving down a city street. There are old-looking buildings on each side, and I don’t remember anyone being in them or on the sidewalks; it seems fairly deserted aside from the cars on the street. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a big truck comes careening down the sidewalk backward; it looks like I won’t be able to get out of its way. It seems like a hybrid between a street sweeping truck and a backhoe; it has part of it that is white and industrial looking, part that is yellow and looks like a construction machine. It scrapes against a couple of the shop fronts, throwing off sparks, and it strikes the front passenger side corner of my car.

I get out, and start to go and yell at the driver of the truck. He gets out, and has a kind of crazy look about him as if he is dangerous; it scares me a little. He looks handsome and young, tall with brown wavy hair and a lime green long-sleeved knit shirt. There is just something about him looks like he could snap. He makes a threatening face at me, and I don’t say anything; he goes across the street to a convenience store and goes inside. I go and look at his license plates, and write them down; there is a *lot* more writing on there than there should be. It’s like looking at an insurance card, with all kinds of information typed on it in small but very clear type. I write down what seem to be the pertinent parts, and then he comes out of the store. Jaime is here with me, and the guy has a friend with him too. They threaten us like they’re going to beat us up, but we move out of the way. I think they didn’t want us getting the information from the truck.

Jaime and I walk away, and it seems like they’re not going to follow us. But then they start walking after us. We dodge around corners a couple of times, hiding to watch and see where they go. I keep an eye on the guy by way of his bright green shirt, which seems to shift a little more to chartreuse. A couple of the corners we hide behind remind me of apartment buildings. They spot us at one covered parking area, but there is a chain link fence between us and them. The scary guy tries to reach through the chain link fence and grab me, but I push his arms against the fence so that he can’t move.

Jaime and I walk away, and end up inside somewhere. It seems like a utilitarian space, kind of like the laundry room of an apartment complex. There are a couple of other people here, but I don’t remember anything about them. I am sitting and looking at a cool book or deck of cards; it seems like it’s a pop-up book, and each time I turn the page, it is solid on top like a card, with stuff poking up out of it. It has neat designs and odd items, I remember a shoe and something like a bow. There is a lot of odd geometry. Then, I am sitting at a computer, typing – but what I’m typing doesn’t show up correctly on the screen. I remember the screen having a rectangular blue window, and I’m trying to type regular words, but odd symbols are showing up as I type, like hearts and little birds.

I realize that this isn’t proper computer behavior, and I become lucid. I feel definitely dream-aware, but a little woozy, as if I’ve had a few drinks. I decide that I’m going to type “I know that I am lucid dreaming” and it won’t show up right on the screen. I look at the screen, and reach my fingers out and touch it, and say, “Make a new window here.” It doesn’t want to listen to what I say, and I decide that I have to blink so it can do it while I’m not looking. That doesn’t seem to make any difference. I feel like the computer is being belligerent. I try again, telling it very firmly to make a new window, and then one opens, small and black with a blue border on the lighter blue screen. I try to dictate to it what to type in the window, I want it to say something about lucid dreaming, but it keeps showing up wrong. When I look closely at it, I can’t make any sense out of it, as if it were written in machine code or something. Some of it doesn’t even look like letters. I decide that I want to look at the pop-up book again, and see how it will behave when I’m lucid; I flip through a few pages, and they’re really neat designs, but it seems much like it did before. *end*

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