Dream: The Kappa Alpha Van LUCID ND

Dream 20021031, 7:05 AM:

This is actually two dreams, but the first one is so short I’m including it here. I lay in bed for a while this morning, waiting for dreamtime to come. Finally, I realized that I had a dreambody, and the following dream happened:

I’m lying on my belly, propped up with my elbows, on short-cropped grass. The grass is extremely regular in pattern, and the sensation of it against my forearms and hands is almost like Astroturf. I feel the grass with my hands, and then I start rolling sideways, chanting to myself, “My-Grass-Place! My-Grass-Place!” When I come to a stop, I look around, and notice a single rectangular patch of unshorn grass; it is various kinds of grass, slightly weedy looking, about eight inches or so tall. I look at it, and remember that someone suggested plunging into the ground as a lucid exercise. I look into the patch of grass, and lower my head closer and closer toward it. As I get really close, I see a very dim reflection of myself, like what I’d see in a window. The reflection is very pale, almost blue – as if my face is dimly illuminated like with moonlight. As my face gets closer to the grass, I wake up.

I lie in bed a while, and eventually the hypnogogia return, and I go back to dreamland.

I am sitting at a computer at a desk, beside a smallish bed with a fuzzy yellow blanket that looks almost like worn felt. There is a little porn movie playing on the computer screen, and it keep shifting from one scene to another. I want to see if I can step into the screen, but I don’t make it – I stop when my head is against the glass, because it doesn’t feel like I’m going to go through. I look up, and realize that I’m at Sammons where I work – and I am up on the second floor. I decide that in order to prove to myself that I’m dreaming, I’m going to jump off the second floor balcony, because I know that I won’t be hurt when I hit the floor. The landing at the top of the stairs is a large circle, bulging out into the lobby space, and I notice that there is a large bookshelf and a big TV screen across the lobby from where I am. I climb up on top of a small table that I find up here, and from there on to the balcony railing, and then jump over and float gently to the floor, landing with just a slight impact. Now, having confirmed that I’m dreaming to my satisfaction, I’m ready to try some more adventures.

I go back to my desk, although now it seems to be on the first floor, still in the lobby, and the bed is still beside it. There is a little porn film on the screen, and I notice that there is a bigger one on the TV screen in the corner of the lobby. I pick up a remote and change the channel on the big screen, trying to get it to something more interesting. I don’t remember exactly what was showing, but it was dull. The one on the computer screen shows a close-up of two guys fucking, and the guy topping is only shown from the midsection to the thighs. He’s pale and overweight, and as the perspective pulls back, I think that it’s going to be me, but it’s some old guy with longish gray hair. At that moment, the Nova Dreamer lights flash, temporarily blinding me. When they stop, all I can see is snow, like on a TV screen. I calmly explain to myself that I’m staring at the monitor, and will it to come back into focus, which it does.

I get bored with the porno on the computer, and decide that I want to do something more interesting. I remember someone saying that lying in the position that your sleeping body occupies will strengthen lucidity, and so I do that, lying on top of the fuzzy yellow blanket on the little bed. As I’m lying there, I repeat to myself, “Increase Dreambody Sensation” three or four times, and each time I say it, it feels like my body buzzes a little, stronger each time, as if it was ramping up a rheostat. I decide that this is great… and now I’m ready to go out and have some adventure. I’m still feeling kind of horny, and I decide that I’m going to find somebody to play with.

I go outdoors, although I don’t remember going out through the door, and I find myself in the parking lot of a small gas station. There is a young couple here in a minivan, and I think to myself that I could somehow distract the wife and seduce the husband, and I touch the wife on the shoulder as if to begin that plan, but decide that it wouldn’t be nice, and it would be more fun to do something else.

I walk across the yard, and now it seems like the back yard of a small house. There are all kinds of herbs here instead of the grass; it looks kind of weedy, but nice. I reach down and pick one that I recognize as thyme, and bring it to my mouth and taste it, and it doesn’t taste like much at all, mostly just like a weed. I do the same with a little piece of plant that looks like summer savory, and it also doesn’t have much flavor. I explain out loud (is there someone else here listening? Or am I just talking out loud for my own benefit? This seems a little fuzzy) that there is a van full of hot Kappa Alpha frat boys just a few blocks away, and they’re heading this way to have a fun sex party. I walk down the driveway toward the street.

Beside the driveway near the street is a flower bed, and it has various herb plants in it. I decide to try and see if they have more intense sensation than the ones from the back yard, and I reach down and rub my hand across a cilantro plant, because I know I always find its fragrance strong and disagreeable. It has almost no scent. There is a little needlepoint holly bush beside it, and I sort of stir my fingers through its leaves, and it prickles me, but not much. I say to myself aloud, “Increase Dreambody Sensation!” because it seems like it’s becoming less real.

I walk down to the end of the little street, and look down the larger street that it joins to. I see a pepto-bismol pink minivan pulling up to a stop sign, and I think to myself it might be the KA guys. It unloads several young people of college age, but there are both boys and girls, and they look like serious geeks. I tell myself this is obviously *not* the right van, and I walk back down toward the house where I was, and then wake up.

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