Dream: Dinosaur Squabble and the Alto Rialto

Dream 20021024, 5:15 AM:

This dream has a very odd feel to it; it seems very much like it’s involved in a fantasy dinosaur world. I don’t have any sense of my daytime self involved in this dream.

I find myself in a big, sand-bottomed caldera. The sides are jagged reddish-brown rock, like lava rock, but the center is a smooth blond sand. I am a little dinosaur of some sort. I am squabbling with another small-sized dinosaur over a small mammal that we both want to eat. It is still alive, and we are pulling it back and forth. It is smallish, and reminds me of an armadillo or opossum.

I feel concerned about being out in the open; I know that if one of the flying dinosaurs, a pteranodon, comes, I could get killed. There are little cave-like undercuts around the edges, and we are near one of them. I finally grow weary of the struggle, and I reach forward, grasp the little mammal by the underside of its jaw and the back of its neck, and snap its neck with a gesture of my wrist. I toss it out into the caldera, and the other dinosaur that I had been struggling with over it runs out into the center and pounces on it. Out of sky, a pteranodon falls on him, and picks him up by the shoulders; I can see where its razor-sharp beak will impale him between the shoulder blades. I feel like he was being annoying, and deserved to die for being so stupid as to run out from the covered fringe.

As the pteranodon is flying away with the other dinosaur carried in its grip (but still hasn’t killed it, just rendered it unable to move by its grip) there is music playing; the words that I remember are “Alto Rialto…” and it sounds almost like opera, a male voice, in a minor key, very foreboding. It reminds me of Carmina Burana. I can see that the pteranodon is taking the other dinosaur off toward a tall, very slender tower; I know that it’s the Tower of Rialto, the subject of the song. It seems like the end of a movie.

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