Dream: Flowers for Cynthia

Dream 20021021, 8:00 AM:

This dream seems disjointed in memory, but it seemed clear and smooth during.

It begins with me, sitting on the floor in a completely empty room. It seems like it’s at school or some other public building; the lights are flush to the ceiling and the ceiling is made of those cork insulation tiles. Some of the tiles seem roughed up, like they have been damaged. I have a gun, like a Glock pistol, but it’s made of amber-colored translucent plastic. I think that it’s a toy or something. I aim it at a corner of the wall above the door and fire it, and it really shoots – I am momentarily shocked, and then I realize that I have to hide it because I will get in trouble if I’m found with it. Someone comes in and tells me I have to keep it down. I think it’s a friend of mine. I put the gun in a satchel that I have with me, leave the room, and start walking around the building looking for an exit. I see a couple of doors, but they’re emergency exits, and they have those “alarm will sound” panic bars on them. I don’t want to arouse suspicion.

Then, I’m in the locker room of a gym; I think Chris is with me. Lots of guys are changing, but they’re already dressed – I remark to Chris that we ought to come through a little earlier next time. It seems like they’ve just dressed after a gym class, and if we had been here a few minutes earlier, they would have been undressing and showering.

I am outside, with Joanna. We are going to a store to get some flowers for Cynthia. We take off driving, and I realize after a while that I’m not entirely sure where we’re going. We pass through narrow streets lined with shops; it seems almost European. We drive for a while, then get out and walk along. We look at the various shop names, but can’t seem to find the right one.

I see Melissa J. walking along wiht her folks. I run up to her and say hello. It takes a minute for her to recognize me, and we talk for a few minutes. She tells me about what she’s doing now, but I don’t remember what she said. She and her folks go into a restaurant and sit down; I look at the waiter’s stand and find a pen and a piece of paper, and write my number (the Avenel house number) on it. I started to write on a ticket, like a theater ticket, but found some white paper on a little pad instead.

When I get back outside, I can’t find Joanna. I look around, and I remember that she was wearing a white dress with black polka dots. I find a couple of other women in similar dresses, then I find her. We walk past a building that has had its landscaping bushes and vines removed, and one window into a basement level office is missing. I tell her that it’s odd to see Melissa the day after I saw her in a dream. I mention that it’s been like four or five years since I’ve seen her.

There was an image at the end, of a woman in a long black dress handing someone a videotape (we saw The Ring last night…) and telling them to make a copy of it after they watch it.

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