Dream: The Castrating Captain and the Frankenfence

Dream 20021020, 2:10 AM:

This dream begins with a horrible alien invasion. I am at the Kingwood house, although now it seems like it’s my house. The aliens, or maybe they’re just very strange people – are taking over everyone and everything.

I go over to the house where the McDermotts used to live, and there are a bunch of women there, complaining about the invaders. They all seem to have blond hair, and are wearing simple white robes, like for a ritual. I think I see Meg there.

I go back to the house. There are big construction machines all over the front yard and the driveway; I have to be careful not to be hit by one of them which has a big backhoe-type scoop full of gravel. There are alligators all over the back yard – the yard itself is full of some sort of slimy moss, which I think is there for the alligators.

The invaders are using my house for some sort of command center. There is supposed to be a big party or event here soon. This is why they are doing all the stuff with the equipment in the front. I’m standing under the carport, and a man comes up and starts trying to convince me that I need to be castrated. He’s holding a safety razor blade in his left hand, and he is trying to talk me into it. I don’t want to, and he pulls aside his clothes (seems like a robe or something?) to show me his own scar – it is still angry with tied black sutures, in a straight line down from the base of his penis for about two inches. He seems like a regular person who has changed over to the aliens’ side – he is called Captain Ray, or something like that.

He continues to talk, as if I’m supposed to come around to his way of thinking. I grab his hand which is holding the razor, and turn it and force his hand up and cut his neck. It leaves a little line of scratches, and I know that it’s actually cut him fairly deep but the blood won’t come because it’s held closed. I wrestle with him some more, pushing his neck against something sticking out of a door post, like a nail, and it pulls his throat open and he bleeds out and dies.

Then, it turns out this whole thing was a Halloween fright adventure. He’s really fine, and everybody else that was part of the whole scary thing is gathered around. I walk down a ramp from the front of the house, and a young man with a clipboard takes a clear sticker off my shirt and sticks it onto his clipboard, and does the same with the woman who is with me. The scary man has transformed to a sort of narrator, and I ask him if he has any Captain Ray in him, and he gives a feindish chuckle. Then, there’s a brief image of whole cows being driven over this thing that drops the floor out from under them, and they fall through these razor-like blades into vats of boiling water.

I walk down the ramp and across to Kaminski’s house. Melissa J. is here with me, and she says something about “almost back together” as she climbs down a plastic ladder through a hillside. We are playing some kind of game on a rooftop; someone is throwing plastic Frisbee type discs up at us, and we have to catch them. One lodges in the eaves of the house, and we’re able to get it before it falls, and we win.

Then, I’m at the Pattersons’ house, although it’s a blend of the Pattersons’ and the Kaminksis’. I am here with some guy, and we’ve just had sex; I feel like he’s going to tell his parents that he’s gay soon, but hasn’t yet. His parents show up unexpectedly, and I scurry to get my pants on. Soon, the whole family is there, and there are a bunch of them. The mom has her hair in a coronet braid around the top of her head. There is some fence project that they refer to as the Frankenfence, and it’s made up of part stone, part wood, and has these knobs and stuff projecting out from it. They have a mock-up of a section of it, and they’re apparently planning to put it into production. Kevin is here, and is talking about how the paints were Remington paints, and very expensive; I start pointing out the colors and naming them: Phthalo blue, iron yellow, iron red. He says something about how they are going to trade them out with pinks and greens. He takes the fence section down, and is doing some kind of work with it. He looks athletic and tan, and he seems to be ignoring me.

Sandra G. and some other woman are here, and are talking about how I’ve consoled them when they were feeling down. I feel almost like I’m going to cry. Sandra gives me a hug, and I feel somewhat better.

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