Dream: The Burgundy Washcloths Meta-LUCID ND

Dream 20021015, 7:10 AM:

I’m at the Kingwood house. I am sleepy, but can’t seem to fall asleep; I want to do some lucid dreaming, but can’t seem to enter the REM state for long enough. I’m lying in the blue bedroom, and get almost there, but have to wake up and go to the bathroom.

When I use the toilet, I notice that there are two burgundy washcloths in the water of the toilet. I realize that they shouldn’t be there, but not quick enough to stop myself from flushing. I manage to somehow grab one of them and stop it from going down, but the other one is gone. I am sure that it will clog up the plumbing. I go and get Richard, and bring him in here to see, and there are burgundy stains around the bottom of the inside of the toilet, where it drains. I look over at the shower, and think that it would back up in the shower if the drain clogs. The shower is next to the toilet (not as it is in real life, across) and it’s a standing shower, like the one in the small bath at the Avenel house.

Then, I go into the living room. The couch is the old one with the velvet cushions and the wooden spindle arms, not the one that is there now. I lie back on it and get a couple of the little velvet pillows and prop them up under my shoulders. I’ve got a remote control for the television, and I’m flipping through things, trying to somehow enter the dream by doing so. I think to myself that I might be unable to sleep here, because the living room has too much activity going on; I think about going back into the bedroom. Then, I see something on the TV that looks promising; it is a bunch of little huts with signs on their doors. It reminds me of the Renaissance Festival. I push a button (or turn a knob?) and the whole little cluster of shops rotates. I see one that has a sign that says “Velveterie” or something similar, and I push a button and its door opens. I decide that would work all right… and then my real-life alarm clock goes off and wakes me. *end*

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