Dream: The Two Egrets

Dream 20021014, 5:15 AM:

I’m in an office that seems to be part of a school. I don’t know why I think so, but I just seem to know that it is.

Chris is giving me a note on paper, asking me to process something on the Internet. I think it involves deleting something from his email; the word “delete” appears on the note along with a bunch of code that I think refers to where it is. There is an older man who I think is the janitor / handyman, and he is wandering around grumbling and working on something.

A man comes in, I think he’s a Board Member, and he is talking about a German chocolate cake. He’s wearing a white collared shirt with a tie, and he seems Hispanic to me. Apparently he runs a bakery and usually donates cakes, or we buy cakes from him, and someone has ordered a German chocolate cake from another bakery and he is trying to figure out why. I have to leave Chris for a minute to go talk to him.

Then, the grumpy old handyman is going past again, and I roll my eyes and say something about “Oh, it’s Charles.” He says “Get out of my system,” and he sits down at a computer and starts to work on something. He is sitting in front of a file cabinet, and the computer is low, like it’s sitting on the floor or a short box. I say something disparaging about him being a snake.

Something in the email from Chris says “Byrish” and I know it has to do with Byron M. I don’t know what significance it has, but I talk to Chris about it for a little bit.

Then, I’m walking outside the school. It feels like I’m walking out, like I’m leaving mid-day because I’m fed up with it. I see a pair of little birds on the ground; I call them egrets, even though the image in my mind is of herons. The way they’re feathered, though, reminds me of a Mexican pinata; they have little yellow feathers the same all over, and they seem papery. I pick them up, because they seem so sad sitting beside the trail, and I start carrying them back into the school. I’m talking to someone (who?) who is explaining that when they were first found, they were very gawky and ungainly, and didn’t even yet have their feathers. I have a visual image of real heron chicks. Apparently they have been taken into the school previously, and I don’t know why they are out now.

I look toward the school, and there is this huge giant snake wrapped around it. It has Charles’s head on top, and I know that he’s somehow transformed into it. I start to run toward the school, telling people that he knows me, I’m his friend, let me talk to him. The whole dream gets a cartoonish look to it, reminds me of the Simpsons. Several other people are also trying to talk to him; I think we have to convince him not to destroy the school. *end*

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