Dream: The Rancid Paintbrush Pre-LUCID

Dream 20021003, 8:00 AM:

For some reason, I need a paintbrush. I am in the Studio, looking through the brushes there, and I see a little thin synthetic sable liner that has pink dye in the bristles. It’s not the one I want. Then, I pick up a short-bristled brush next to it, and it looks like the one I want, but it has stuff in the bristles.

I start to flick the bristles to see if the crud will come out; it seems like it was something that was left in the brush, like oil, and it has gone bad. It starts to come off in gunky chunks, and then a LOT of stuff starts coming out of it. It sort of spews little chunks of stuff on my shirt, my hand, and my face; I look down, and realize that there are maggots in the stuff on my hand, which means that there are probably maggots on my face as well.

I feel remarkably calm; I’m not freaking out and rubbing the stuff off my face. I go and find a mirror so I can look at my face and see if there are any on me. I look into the mirror, and I notice that I have a printed scarf over my eyes like a blindfold; it is green and burgundy, with an Indian looking print design. I realize that I am seeing myself just fine, which doesn’t make sense considering the scarf. I think I would have become lucid, if I hadn’t woken at that point. *end*

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