Dream: The Brain that Needs Ritalin

Dream 20020930, 4:00 AM:

I’m outside in the back yard of the Kingwood house with Dad. We are talking about how to water the plants properly, and he is showing me how.

Then, inside, I am trying to clean off two bloodstains. One is on an analog clock above the counter in the kitchen, and the other is on the kitchen cabinet. Neither will come up. There are a team of people here with me, and they are helping me out – it seems like we’re all part of the same forensics team, but this isn’t a scene we’re working on. I don’t remember how the blood got there, but if the police find it, I could be convicted based on the blood. It keeps not cleaning up, and I’m getting scared that I’m going to get in trouble. I try one thing after another to remove the blood, but it won’t budge. Finally, I try pouring both alcohol and peroxide onto the blood on the counter, and it lifts up a little and I can wipe it up. The stain still shows a little, but it just looks like a pink oily mark now, and I put something on top of it. I can’t get the one on the clock to lift, and I’m out of time.

There is a truck with a trailer behind it waiting out on the street. The street is a different one than any I know, though – the curb is several steps down from the sidewalk, and the truck has to back up and pull forward again to align itself so I can step into the trailer. The trailer has seats in it, and seems fancy, all upholstered and nice. Eve C. from work is in it, and I thank her for picking me up. We drive away.

Then, I’m standing outside, talking to a big blond woman who seems to be some kind of spirit. She reminds me of a Valkyrie, although in modern dress. She is lying on the ground, and she keeps telling me something about how I took away her bat. There is a group of people standing around in a nearby front yard watching something, and I go find Gay M. who is in the group, and ask her to explain to the big blond woman “what happens in the brain that needs Ritalin.” She turns and begins to explain to the woman what Ritalin does. I don’t know how it relates – it seems like I’ve taken a drug, like Ritalin, and it took the power away from my spirit guides.

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