Dream: The Railroad Cabinet LUCID ND *sexual*

NOTE: This dream report contains some fairly blunt descriptions of gay sex. If this would disturb or upset you, don’t read it.

Dream 20020924, 7:05 AM:

The Nova Dreamer lights flashed at some point in this dream, but I don’t remember when. I do remember that it was in the portion of the dream when I was already lucid, and I recognized them for what they were.

At the earliest part I remember, I’m talking with Dad about something in the back yard of the Kingwood house. He is warning me about taking on a project I’m not sure I can finish; he says something about how “I wouldn’t have started if I couldn’t inspect the whole thing all the way through.” I don’t know what project he’s referring to.

Then I’m in a museum room, looking at a really cool oak cabinet. It stands upright about 8 feet tall, with two large cabinet sections fronted with glass, and a framework of boards that provide a space for viewers to stand in front of the cabinet. I don’t know if the boards have some other purpose as well. I look at some stuff in the cabinet, and I know that it’s something that Dad donated to the museum. Inside, it is painted with beige and brown colors, and has little trap doors, like it used to have items inside it that aren’t there now. The stuff that is on display looks like nineteenth century clothes and personal items. It seems to be a display related to the railroad, and I know that the cabinet is some sort of railroad item.

There are young people giving a tour of the place, and explaining the uses of various artefacts. I remember a young girl about 10 years old with long curly light-brown hair standing in front of a glass display box that has shells in it, and she is holding a shell and saying that she learned to play old-fashioned shell games. I think it’s referring to some sort of museum camp. She shows us a box that has what appears to be a burgundy felt hat with a feather; the box says something like “Steam and Hume” on it. I think it has to do with reconditioning artifacts, like a cleaning method. There is supposed to be a white shirt with it, which has been moved. I tell her that Hal sometimes moves things. There is something like a letter opener or metal bookmark which somebody drops on the floor, and it makes a clanging noise as it hits.

There is a boy here as well, appears to be about 14 to 16, he is tall and has curly hair. I look at one of the AC thermostats, and it seems like it’s set wrong, and he is watching me like I’m not supposed to try to set it. He seems suspicious of me. I feel like I am at the Park, and know all the rooms and artifacts, but since I’m no longer on staff I’m not supposed to handle them.

I am at the bottom of a set of wide metal stairs; I think I’m done with the tour. I notice that there are arrows marked onto the floor; the floor is dark blue-green and the arrows are black or a darker shade of the same color. They seem to cross over one another a lot, and I think that they relate to the tours, but it seems that they would be confusing to try to follow.

I am walking along a hallway now; I think I’m looking for a restroom. I see one, but it appears to be just a large tile-floored alcove; it has no door and no front wall. The urinals are visible from the hallway. Everything here seems to be white or pale aqua tile; it reminds me of a swimming pool area. I walk on, and see a fogged-up window. On the other side is a gym or weight room; there is a dark-haired guy doing inclined bench presses, and a couple of other people doing various exercises.

As I walk on past this, I get into a locker room. It seems like the hallway just leads into the locker room, and the transition isn’t marked clearly by a door. There are guys walking around partly dressed and in towels. I say “I’m invisible,” and wave my hand in front of my body as if drawing a cover down in front of myself. Upon doing so, I realize, and say out loud, “Hey, I’m dreaming!” I sort of laugh to myself, like it’s funny I hadn’t realized it earlier.

This locker room seems to be a complex of attached long dimly-lit narrow rooms; I walk through several different rooms, each one has a doorway with no door, and leads to the next room. There are some people changing, and some guys sitting around on benches around the room. Some of the guys are wearing regular street clothes. One whole room full of guys appear to be wearing all black, like Goth kids. One of them, with long brown hair, stands up and moves toward me as if he’s going to proposition me, but I keep on walking. There are some guys making out or having sex on some of the benches. It reminds me of a bath house, except that almost everyone is fully clothed.

In one of the rooms, I see two young guys on the floor fucking. They are both wearing Abercrombie-Fitch type clothes, jeans and plaid shirts, and they have just pulled their jeans far enough down to go at it. The bottom guy is lying face-down on the floor, and his partner is on top of him. They are both very cute, slender and young looking; they look like they might play sports or run, but don’t have big worked-out muscles. I say hello to them, and they smile and are friendly; I lean down and kiss one of the guys, I think the guy on top. I reach my hand down and feel where the top guy’s cock is sliding in and out of the bottom guy’s ass, and it feels real good… I just rub on them a while, and sort of push to increase the intensity of the thrusts. They are enjoying it as well.

They shift around, and the bottom guy slips off his jeans. He is lying on his back now, with his legs on the top’s shoulders; I am still rubbing and playing with their bodies, especially feeling where they’re fucking. I am sitting on the floor now, still dressed. I lean down and lick the top guy’s balls and all around down there – it feels so hot, feeling the guy’s cock sliding against my tongue and lips. The bottom guy says something, and I can’t hear it; I sit up, and ask what he said, the top guy says that he said “We’ve already been there” – I think because I was licking his ass, and they did that earlier. I said I hadn’t already been there, and it felt good to me… they laugh. I’m briefly conscious of my sleeping body as I feel it becoming more aroused, but am able to concentrate back on the dream, and lose touch with my realtime body.

I get up, and walk across the room, leaving them to it. I decide that I want to find someone else to play with; they are a little too involved with one another for it to be much fun for me. I am looking at other guys, and go up to one handsome man in a gray knit shirt and say hello. He is putting stuff into his locker, which is like a wire grid, not solid on the front. Sort of like a swim team locker, where they are more open so air will dry stuff. He looks at me oddly, and says, “I can’t be chatty here…” like it’s just supposed to be anonymous and sexual. I hold out my hand and introduce myself; he introduces himself as well, and shakes my hand and smiles. I think his name is Brett, or something similar. The dreamscape fades and I find myself lying in bed.

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