Dream: Cindy's Camcorder LUCID ND

Dream 20020916, 6:20 AM:

I’m in what appears to be a dorm room. I know that I’m sharing a bathroom with one or two other guys. I am in the bathroom, and there are shirts draped over a couple of hanging knobs on the wall; I pick them up, and put them onto hangers and hang them on the rolling clothes rack that is sitting in the middle of the room. I notice that there is a set of women’s lingerie on hangers there as well – a teddy and something else. The main body of the teddy is chocolate brown, with pink cups. I don’t remember the other piece. I chuckle, wondering which of my roommates owns this, or has a girlfriend over. Then, I remember that we have one girl roommate now, and it must be hers. Now, there is a ball gown hanging from the rack; it is gray and translucent layers of sheer for the skirt. It is big, and it is in the way. The bathroom isn’t very big, and the hanging rack is sort of diagonal to the room.

I am in the other room, which seems to be in Grandma’s house in the room where Mom’s bedroom used to be. There is a computer in here, and I hear a buzzing noise from beside where the machine is. I look, and there is a Dremel tool sitting in front of the computer, and it sounds like it just flicked on for a second. I am concerned, because I don’t want it to turn on and damage something. I call to Cindy (the girl roommate; this is the first time I recall knowing her name) and tell her that her Dremel must be shorting out or something, it seems like it was trying to turn itself on.

She comes into the room where I am, and she’s holding a thing that looks at first like a microphone or a headset, but as she unfolds parts of it, it is obvious it is a camcorder. She asks if I think it’s OK for her to borrow it; she has her own monitor. I tell her it’s not mine, it belongs to one of the other guys. She points it at me, and turns it on. I tell her not to. It has a red *flashing light* on the front, and it blinds my eyes. I tell her to cut it out. It keeps flashing. I say, “Cut it out, you’re going to give me a seizure!” but it keeps flashing. I suddenly realize, that was the Nova Dreamer’s lights.

With this realization, it seems like I can feel my body in the bed, but I realize that it is my dream body. I start to spin, thinking I want to change scene and go somewhere, but then I don’t seem to go anywhere. I decide to just get up and see if I can fly in the house. I walk out the bedroom door, and bounce through the front living room, which is a weird hybrid of several houses, including this one, Mom and Dad’s, the Kelley house in Florida, and something else I don’t recognize. I am able to fly by bouncing up into the air and holding out my hands; it feels giddy and fun, and I laugh. I go back into the hallway, which is the hallway in this house, and decide that I want to go to ancient Greece (because I saw a TV show, Mythquest, that had the Delphic Oracle in it, and it made me think about Greece) and so I’m going to use the doorway method to get there. Spinning didn’t seem to change the scene for me. I look at the door, which has a mirror on the outside (like it does in real life) but the mirror has white writing, like in grease pencil, on it (which it doesn’t in real life). I don’t remember what the white writing says, and it didn’t seem important to try to read it. I write “GREECE” on the mirror with my fingertip, not disturbing the white writing, and I pause to think… I need to pick a date. I don’t know when I want to be there, so after a moment’s thought, I write “200 AD.” I think to myself that whatever the white writing is, it won’t really be disturbed, because this is just me dreaming. I start to open the door to go to Greece, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen, or like it’s too much trouble. I decide to go outside and fly in the front yard. My attention span doesn’t seem to be very great.

I go out through the front door, noting to myself in the dream that it is unlike my real front door – it is mostly glass, with a horizontal bar through the middle of the door. In the front yard, though, it is very definitely the front yard of the Kingwood house. I flit around in the air a little, which is very fun, and again kind of makes me giddy. I look up, and see that there are absolutely beautiful stars, and softly glowing pink clouds. I can’t tell if they are part of the sky itself, like the Milky Way, or if they are just clouds. They are very beautiful. I watch them for a little bit, with the trees waving gently above me. I decide to fly up to the stars; it’s my dream, I can do what I want. I try jumping up Superman-style a couple of times, but gently float back to earth. I don’t know why I can’t seem to get the strong upward flight to work. I think that the stars may have been a second flash of the Nova Dreamer, but I’m not sure. They did blink in and out, but didn’t involve as much bright illumination as I would expect. I start to feel my body more and more, and slowly wake up. *end*

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