Dream: Turtles in the Pathway

Dream 20020915, 8:00 AM:

I’m going to some kind of event. I am walking through a neat wooded area, and keep seeing turtles beside the path. There are some in the path as well – I pick them up and place them beside the path so they won’t get stepped on. They are various sizes and colors, but mostly the kinds that are available around here. Some of them remind me of the turtles I used to have: Rue, Thistle, Mint. A couple of them come out of their shells when I pick them up. One or two seem smashed into the mud, and I am concerned that they might be hurt, but all seem okay.

Rounding a bend in the path, I go through a doorway, or the appearance of a doorway at least – it seems like I am outside before, and once I am through, I am standing on a dock by a lake in a hilly area, and it looks like I have just come out of a building, like a lodge. The dock is built up in several layers leading down to the lake, and really seems more like the kind of deck that you would see on the side of a mountain lodge, with chairs and people standing around. Dad is here, and I tell him that I didn’t realize how close by the place was – the place where we are has a two-part name, and the second part of the name is another place that I know. I say something like “I didn’t know that Andangamen was so close to Angamen.” [these aren’t the names, but captures the idea of how they relate to each other]. It seems like the people are here for an SCA event of some kind. I’m supposed to be entering an arts and sciences competition, and I have a basket with the stuff that I’m going to enter.

There is a woman here who is being hostile; I don’t recognize her. She is slim and blond. She is shouting at me, and starts throwing rocks at me. I pick up a rock and throw back at her, but don’t hit her. I think I missed on purpose, just trying to get her to stop. I approach her, and she continues throwing these large chunks of rock at me. I reach out with one foot and sweep her feet from under her; she falls to the ground, and I explain to her that she shouldn’t be messing with me. *end*

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