Dream: Handmade Winds

Dream 20020914, 5:30 AM:

I’m with Mom and Dad, and we’re walking along a row of shops. We see some place that I think is an Oriental grocery; it has rows and rows of beautiful vegetables and fruits lined up in the front. I remark on how pretty the produce is there. We go inside, and I’m looking for some particular thing, but Dad won’t let me get whatever it is. I get upset, and I go outside the store, and catch the wind in my hands and fly up into the air. I fly up into a very tall tree out in front of the store. It is shaped like an upside-down L; it is just one big trunk with one sideways branch from the crown. I lay out on the sideways part, and I can feel the little tiny branches under my hands. I think to myself that this would be where the leaves would sprout from in the Spring; right now, it is bare. Mom and Dad come out of the store looking for me, and Mom is calling for me, sounding panicky. I call to her so that she can see I’m OK.

I don’t remember coming down, but the next thing I know, we’re standing on the ground in a wooded area, and talking about wind. I am annoyed with someone here, and I make tiny tornadoes with my hands, and swipe them across the ground at his feet. He is frightened by them, but not hurt. Looking at a cloud that is starting to circulate, and puffing wind at it with my hands so that it won’t form a funnel. The storms seem to move along steel cables, almost like power lines. I can see a thing like a fan, that starts the winds. It moves along the cables like it is on a pulley. A group of people is watching and waiting for the storm to move in. I keep going up into the air, and leaning against the huge poles that support the lines; it seems safer to me up in the air if lightening strikes.

Then, there is a monster on the ground; it looks kind of like a bear, but sharper in the face. I am getting information about it, and it seems like I am reading a Dungeons and Dragons guide about it. It could wipe out our entire group, but I know that I could kill it easily with my powers. I shouldn’t do so, however, because of my alignment.

Then, I’m working with Diane and Joanna on some project for Joanna. She is looking for a letter or document that she was working on and has misplaced. Her purse is in the trash can, soaked with water; it is a pretty one, done in a pattern of leather that looks like inlay, wiht green and brown diamonds and bars making up a shape. I don’t know what the document that we’re working on is. The room where we are is open to the air. It reminds me somewhat of an old Roman ruins, although it seems like it was just built this way.

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