Dream: The Fancy Boarding House

Dream 20020913, 5:00 AM:

I’m at a really cool old house that has been turned into a boarding house. It almost seems more like a bed and breakfast – the people in the rooms live there, I know, but they don’t seem to have enough stuff in their rooms to really be at home. This is one of those dream buildings that just keep opening up; as I walk along hallways and turn corners, I see room after room that seem to be new.

I go out to some other place, this part of the dream is kind of fuzzy. I meet up with a woman, and I don’t recall her name exactly, but it was something like Karen or Kristin. She’s very pushy, and she seems to enjoy being over the top in her gestures and actions. We have to take a trailer with her stuff back to the boarding house, and we are riding on something small and open, like a four-wheeler or a motorcycle. It has an open trailer attached to the back of it, and I am riding on the tongue of the trailer, because she and another girl are in the machine itself. She is driving really fast, and it’s scary – I feel like any minute it could fly out of control, and I would be thrown off. I’m holding on to a pole that is sticking upward from the front of the trailer tongue. When she slows down in traffic, I hop off, and she says something to me about not being able to handle the ride, but I’d much rather take a taxi back to the house than ride with her.

Back at the house, the wild woman is writing her name on furniture with a permanent black marker. She picks up a lamp from the top of a cabinet, and writes her name under the circle where the lamp had been, following the shape of the circle with her writing. The cabinet reminds me of an old upright piano, but has been painted green. Someone sees her writing on it, and stops her, saying that she has too many nice antique things in the house, to have somebody writing on them.

I am apparently sharing a room with a young woman with dark skin. I don’t know if she’s African or Indian or what. The room is dimly lit but very lush looking, with everything in shades of brown and cream and ecru. She is making up the bed, and it has a LOT of luxurious looking covers and pillows on it, and she is doing some sort of arrangement with the covers. She does something that makes one of the covers, a large beige duvet, disappear – she sighs, and asks, what’s she going to do for the dam now? She points to the foot of the bed, and I can see that the mattress is like a foot shorter than the bed frame, and there is a big space between the footboard and the mattress that she was “damming” up with pillows. *end*

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