Dream: The Man at the Door, The Deer in the Yard

Dream 20020910, 2:00 AM:

This is two brief dreams, separated by a half-waking. I didn’t get out of bed, and went directly back to dreaming, so I am including them together. They seem to flow together naturally.

I’m with Chris. We’re at a house that reminds me of the one we’re in now, but also reminds me of the Kingwood house. I know that lying in our bed in the bedroom, we can see the front door. There is a neighbor woman who comes over; she is very sunburnt. We let her in, and she lies down, and I can see the marks where her swimsuit left white on her skin. I don’t remember if she is naked, or just topless. Then, a car pulls up in front of the house, and turns on its interior lights. A man in the driver’s seat is looking at something, like he’s reading directions. After a while, he gets out, and comes up to the door. He knocks, then tries to force the door open. He scares me. He has white hair and blue eyes, and an intense expression. I can see him through the clear window of the front door.

*half-woke, went right back to sleep*

I find myself at the Kingwood house. I know that I need to watch the front door, and I can’t see it from where I am. I go outside and get into the old yellow car. I feel that by being inside the car, I’ll be able to watch the street and not be seen. I see a deer in the front by the bushes. The car rolls a little ways out into the driveway; it’s moving like it’s in neutral, I didn’t start the engine or push it. I’m sitting up on my knees in the back seat, looking out the rear window. I knock on the car window to see if the deer will startle. I decide that I need to go back into the house. I push the car up toward the carport, and get out and go inside. As I get to the door, I notice that there is a key in the door. I touch my pocket, and confirm that I have my keys in my pocket – this means somebody else has been in the house! I am freaking out a little. I get the animals inside (I think it’s Magellan, Taco, and Kego) and start to go inside. I hear the car running, and somebody is pulling it out of the driveway.*end*

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