Dream: Fields of Geese, and the Unconfirmed Cuticle

Dream 20020910, 5:00 AM:

I’m with Chris, in a car (which seems to shift into a trailer-type camper) at the edge of a big field. We look out the window, and see skeins of geese crossing the sky. There are a LOT of them, probably thousands. They begin to lower to the field and land. They are all white, and look more like ducks than geese. There are two or three guys on the opposite side of the field who are feeding them with whole slices of bread. I want to feed them too, and I start rummaging around to see if we have any bread or crackers. Chris finds a bag with bread in it, and reaches his hand into the bag and crumbles it up. He takes it outside, and starts throwing handfuls at the clumps of geese on the ground; it seems like he’s angry. I tell him, “I wanna feed them too! I wanna feed them!” I sound like a child saying it. He tells me that I don’t get to, because of something I did that he didn’t get to do. I don’t remember what it was. I am looking at the piles of slices of bread that the other boys were setting out; some of them look like buttered toast. It also looks like they put out a grain mix, and I think the geese will like the corn, but not sure if they’ll like the whole in-shell pecans.

Then, it seems like we are at an SCA event, but it seems like the third day of a 3-day event. There are people packing up, and stuff being broken down, but nothing really happening.

Then, I’m at Mom and Dad’s house, in the living room. I’m sitting in Mom’s recliner, and talking to Milana and some other people. Milana says something about how she can see that I have an unconfirmed appointment, and she points to the cuticle on the tip of one of my fingers. She says that the unconfirmed ones can lead to “broken, sore, infected.” She says it like she has had this problem. We go on and talk about the event – she asks if I did what I expected to do. I tell her that there was hardly anyone there, and that I did get to see a few people, but not many. She seems very sullen and sad as she’s asking me about the event. Then, I say, “So tell me how to fix this unconfirmed appointment thing,” and she brightens up and starts explaining. She says that for each appointment, there is a slur number at the front, and if it just says “slur number” then it needs to be replaced with a figure so that it will represent a person. If you don’t have these numbers in your appointments, it can lead to the infected cuticles. I look at my fingers, and there is an odd flap of skin on one; I trim it off with a pair of nail clippers. *end*

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