Dream: Redirected Traffic, Broken Down Car

Dream 20020903, 7:15 AM:

This dream was longer than what I could remember. Lots of stuff happened before this.

I’m lying on what appear to be spheres of sugar, or salt. They are white, and larger than b-b’s, but smaller than marbles. They are about the size of big garden peas. It makes my back feel good to roll on them, and I am thinking that I could use steel ball bearings, and get the same effect. It seems to be the shape, not the substance of them that is making my back feel good.

I have to go home, and I find myself driving down the freeway. Traffic has been redirected due to construction. There are orange barricades blocking off the main route, and we are directed underneath an overpass U-turn. There are green arrow signs directing us where to go. I continue driving along, and my car is starting to make a noise. It is spluttering, sounds like some sort of water problem. It finally splutters itself to a stop, leaving me stranded in a very scary looking part of town; there are a few houses here, but mostly run-down looking businesses. I stop it beside a building, and park it as best I can, then pop the hood and see what’s going on. I am thinking that it’s something to do with the battery, but it looks like a major mess under the hood. The way it cut out, it was acting like a clogged fuel line. I go up to a man who is standing next to the building, and I just decide that I can’t afford to be afraid of him, and I tell him that I’m going to have to go find a phone and call a friend to come help me, and then I’ll be able to move my car. I look back at my car, and there is a squirrel sitting in the passenger seat, eating nuts and looking at me like it belongs there. *end*

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