Dream: The Wrap-and-Go Barbie

Dream 20020902, 10 AM:
This was actually a bizarre little dream commercial. I don’t recall what was happening in the dream before the commercial, but it was a dream that I was watching unfold like a movie. The commercial came on just like one would on TV, with a pause in the action of the main plot.

There is a kid, can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl, and she has a naked Barbie type doll. She wraps the doll in a special piece of heavy-duty cling-wrap, and the doll is ready to go – like for transport. She tries to give the Barbie a drink out of a little tiny glass bottle that has a tip like a splash cologne bottle, but of course since Barbie is already wrapped up, it just gets a drop of water on the plastic.

The commercial seems to fade, and I’m thinking about dolls that drink, and how giving a doll water would either result in a wet doll, or a doll that you have to empty, like the one I had when I was a kid (not in real life, in the dream.) I have an image of this blue plastic doll that reminds me of a Furby or of the Monsters Inc. stuffed toy that I have, although the dream doll was flat on its back (like it was only the front, and designed to lay on a counter or floor) and I am pouring water into its mouth. When it becomes full, I have to carry it flat to the bathroom and pick it up, so that it drains out into the sink. There is some commentary about filling it up until the water is level with its eyes, and then it’s ready to empty. *end*

I needed to go to the bathroom when I woke from this dream.

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  1. lobotex
    lobotex says:


    a naked Barbie wrapped in plastic?

    Get out of my head, man!

    Ya know… if you change up ‘some’ of the details of this dream, I am sure you could get published in the Penthouse Forum. 🙂

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