Dream: Joanna's Turtles

Dream 20020820, 6:00 AM:

I’m at Joanna’s house. I am talking to her in the living room; there is a pink and blue stencil around the ceiling, and a treadmill attached to the ceiling, upside down against a wall. She has a lot of friends there. I ask to see her cereus cactus, and she shows it to me; it is beside the sink, and doing really well.

I go outside, and there is a ditch in the back yard. There is water coming up. I pull aside some leaves, and there are turtles underneath them. I pick up two or three big ones, and several little ones, and carry them to show to the kids. By the time I get there, all I have in my hands are spaghetti worms and little gray beetles. They are squirmy.

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