Dream: "I Am Samhain!"

Dream 20020820, 1:20 AM:

I’m standing at an iron gate. There is a grass path to it. There are papers littering the ground; they are typed sheets, and I know that they are questions and answers about Pagan and magical traditions. I laugh at them; they seem silly. I tie the gate together with a loop of red thread [note: I have a ball of red thread that I use for visualization and magical work] and walk down the path. There are a long line of people. They are rehearsing a dramatic presentation; I think it is a play, but also a ritual. I start to rewrite it as I walk. I enter a cleared area, and do a couple of standing forward flips to the center, and land with my arms out in the Goddess position, and declare, “I am Samhain!” I go on, and it seems like it was a dramatic monologue, but I don’t remember the rest.

Friends and acquaintences are here. I see Vicki C. from long ago in Houston, and also Jeff G. from Arlington. I am wondering how important is historical paganism? I walk toward the front of the feast hall, and there is a woman complaining about school grades. She says something about another person cheating on the grading, to make sure that she (the speaker) got a 73. I am standing in the Goddess pose as I was before, and I wait impatiently for the woman to shut up so I can continue my speech. When she stops, I proclaim, “I am Yule!” *end*

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