Dream: The Cannabis Incense Ritual

Dream 20020818, 8:00 AM:

I’m doing an incense ritual. It has something to do with organizing chaos. Gay M. calls me on the phone, and tells me about how a friend of hers always used joints as incense for this kind of ritual. She brings me three of them, and I wonder if they’re real, but I look at one and realize that it’s all stems, rolled like a regular one in a paper. I put them on the charcoal, and they smoke up. I am reading cards as well, and I pull a card that has a three or four syllable name – it means chaos or disorder (later note: the chariot?) and I am a little freaked out, because that’s what the ritual I was working has to do with also.

I begin sprinkling the ash from the censer deosil around the house starting where I was standing and going around the entirety of the building, without crossing my own track. It seems important to do so. It seems like it’s a different house than the one where I live, though – it also seems like I’m married to a woman, and her family is large and important, and this house seems tied to them.

There is a meeting of many of the family members, and they are talking about the family business. They are discussing hats, which apparently they are going to be getting for all the business employees or family members. They are passing around an example hat, and it is tan with tan stitching, and they also have one that is tan with white stitching. It has the family/company name on it, and I think it was “LECTOR.” There is also a catalog that they are passing around; I think they are going to get employees holiday presents out of it. One of them is passing a dish of glazed strawberries (they seem about halfway between whole strawberries and a preserve) and I think they are an item out of the catalogue. I have dropped a little bit of the ash from the censer where the Dad can see it, and he picks it up, it looks almost like a dust bunny, a little bit of sooty fluff, and he starts off on a tirade about “we have the finest paid help to scrub and clean…” like he is angry with the servants.

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