Dream: Dinner and a Video

Dream 20020814, 6:30 AM:

Dinner and a Video

I’m talking to Chris about where to have a special dinner. One of us, I’m not sure who, mentions the Reunion tower restaurant, andI have a brief visual flash of it lit up at night, but I say that I’ve heard the food isn’t that great. I step into the bedroom closet, and there is a chair and a little table or tray in here, and a video screen; I realize that Chris must have been sitting in here watching a movie while I was in the other room. I find one of the green kitchen towels on the floor, sticky with cum, and I know that he’s been in here masturbating. It makes me sad, because I feel like he didn’t want to be with me.

Then, I’m watching a movie, it seems like it’s all around me, but I am not part of its action. It seems to be taking place in the Reunion ball; I can see the view outside, with a grid of lights over the big windows. Keanu Reaves is in the dream, and it seems like a futuristic situation. He takes a little stick, looks like a fever thermometer, and touches it to the wrist of his leather glove, and it zaps a dose of drug into his arm; I think it’s some kind of stimulant.

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