TV Screen Tornadoes

Dream 20020812, 4:00 AM:

TV Screen Tornadoes

I am watching a neighbor woman and her kids – there are three or four of them – as they walk around the house. The house has a bunch of big glass windows. I go over and talk to the woman, and we see that a storm is starting to gather. She shoos the kids inside, and we watch through the windows as tornadoes and storm clouds start to cross the horizon. There are some huge TV screens, and I ask her how she can tell which ones are the windows and which are the screens, because they look just alike. She asks, “Is it 8 by 5? Then it’s a screen.” I’m pointing out the tornadoes as they appear, and we’re trying to figure out which way they’re coming from, it’s tough because the screens don’t represent the same direction as they seem to. She sends the kids to the basement, and we have to close up the house before we follow them down there.

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