Dream: Deborah at the Museum

Dream 20020809, 6:30 AM:

Deborah at the Museum

I’m at an art museum. I think Hal is here as well. Chris takes me to see Deborah, who is teaching an art class. There are a bunch of kids sitting at little tables doing some sort of activity – it seems like they’re making little butterflies or birds out of brightly colored sheet foam. We leave before Deborah comes out; I don’t feel up to seeing her.

Then, I’m in my room. I have a room at the museum somehow; I am lying in a big four-poster bed, but different than the one I sleep in now. Deborah comes to see me. She seems very sad. She tells me that Haddas told her a story from a book – she shows me the book, and it is made out of what look like a bunch of Scrabble tiles wired together, but each tile has a little word and a picture, almost like a rubric. One of them has peacocks on it, and Deborah points it out. She says, “I dreamed we kissed, and our hair intermingled with the wind.” She is crying. I get the image, of us standing together, both with very long hair, and a wind blowing our hair together. I woke feeling very melancholy.

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