Dream: The Punjabi Princess

Dream 20020808, 5 AM:

The Punjabi Princess

I’m in front of a building; it reminds me a little of Kingwood High School, but it’s not quite the same. A princess pulls up in a small blue car. She is wearing a purple dress with gold or orange trim designs, and she has a driver. She is leaning out of the passenger side window, I don’t remember if she’s in the front or the back. I don’t know how I know that she’s a princess; she doesn’t introduce herself as such, but I just know. She looks Indian or Pakistani, but “Punjabi” pops into my head. Her dress isn’t a sari, but one of the ones like Pakistani women wear, sort of a semi-fitted tunic.

The driver pulls up to the curb, realizes he isn’t parked right, and does it over. It takes him three or four times to get parked correctly. The princess gets out of the car, and I am struck with what a junker the car is, considering the fact that she is a princess with a driver. The car is an older model compact, like a Honda Civic, and is a sort of medium blue with some parts painted with primer. The driver gets out as well, and puts one foot up on the car as he leans against it, which is when I notice the paint.

The princess walks along the sidewalk in front of the building talking to me. She asks if I am familiar with hosting events. I explain that I am; I do a lot of the arrangements for our big happenings. She wants to host a sports event in our Stadium, but I explain that we only do performing arts events, not sports. She continues to walk along with me, and the driver is with us too. I notice that she walks in such a way that I end up between the two of them. She holds me by the arm as we walk, as if I’m escorting her. I think she’s on my left, with the driver on my right a little distance apart. We walk across the frontage of the building, and then up a slight hill, and around a half-wild area that seems to be on the other side of the parking lot. It is grown up in scrub brush and grasses, and I clear a way through some of the long grass by smashing it down with my foot. There are a couple of other people following us along the same trail; they seem to be all women. I tell the princess that I had to smash the grass down for my Mom after she had the knee surgery.

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