Dream: Smuggling Oxalis Roots

Dream 20020807, 12:40 AM:

Smuggling Oxalis Roots

I’m smuggling Oxalis roots across Europe. I keep going through these things that look like tunnel openings but are border gates; they are high arches in the bottom of a steep valley, so that through the gate is the only way to pass through at all. I am carrying the oxalis roots in my hands; they have little pink stems, and a couple of red-green leaves poking up. The guard at one of the stations doesn’t believe that they are what I tell him, and I have to point out the little heart-shaped leaves coming up from the center. They appear to have no dirt on them at all. At one of the gates, I also have a big, soft mushroom in my hand; I slice it, and it has a smell to it; I think the guard doesn’t believe that it’s really just a mushroom.

Then, I am going along a donkey track with a bunch of other people. We all know that it’s a donkey track, but what it looks like is a very narrow railroad track. I think there is a donkey at some point further ahead in the group, riding with its feet on the rails. There are lots of different kinds of stones under foot; some of them look like big pieces of fractured quartz. They are just a little too irregular to be cut or grown crystals. Some of them have rainbows on their surface, almost like carnival glass. We are moving too quickly along for me to stoop and pick one up, so I step off the tracks, and bend and pick up one of the crystal stones, and then get back into the group and move onward.

Then, I am seeing a scene of dogs. It is like a movie. I see a story unfold about a gang of dogs; Taco is there. There are a couple of men too, they seem to be attached to the gang of dogs. I hit one over the head with a night stick, so that I can get Taco out of the gang of dogs. There seem to be two gangs, each one has a different little opening in the wall that they have to go through. Something about a railroad track. Then, it seems like the holes were the doors into a theater, and now it’s intermission. I am dancing in the movie theater courtyard at intermission. People are here, doing some sort of quiz – it seems like they are filling out the answers based on how they think some movie character would answer. There is champagne, and I distinctly remember opening and tasting it, and the smell of it.

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