Dream: Exhausted at Intermission

Dream 20020807, 2:20 AM:

Exhausted at Intermission

I’m at a theater, watching a show. I don’t remember the show, or what it’s about. At the intermission, I get up and go out into the lobby, and then return to my seat. I have to sneak around someone who is standing by the door talking to get to the seats. When I sit back down, I see Veletta walk by, and I say hello to her. She comes and sits down and talks to me about the show. I have a crumpled felt poinsettia in my hand; it’s wadded up almost like a napkin.

I tell Veletta that after that much tension (in the first half of the play?) I am worn out, and ready for it to be over. I say, “It’s like with ‘Miracle’.” I have to explain to someone sitting next to me – Veletta and I had both seen a stage adaptation of ‘Miracle on 34th Street,” and the first half was exceptionally intense, and there was a scene were Santa shows up, with all kinds of stuff on stage. We were all worn out by intermission.

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