Dream: A Break from the Military

Dream 20020729, 6:00 AM:

A Break From the Military

I’m with some sort of military group. We are taking a break, I think we’re on our way from one place to another. We stop at Richard’s room in the Kingwood house. There are about a dozen men camping out in this room now; we are just arranged wherever there is a space. It seems very crowded, but organized. I have some sort of leather item, it seems like a piece of armor or a holster; it also reminds me of some sort of sexual leather garment. It is blue on the outside, where it ought to be black; the inside is the beige color of plain leather. I mark my MC monogram on the blank inside with a fine-tipped black marker.

There is a thin blond girl here. She’s very pretty, with long blond hair. She gives me a card; the card is decorated with long strips of brown paper which run up and down the height of the card. They don’t seem to be very well-secured, just stuck in through slits in the card at the top and bottom. It looks almost like a wood fence.

I am talking with the girl and her friend, a large woman, about how they’ll feed the group. The blond girl wants to sleep with me. She talks about my great massages, and how stiff she is – like she’s hinting for a massage. Then, she asks if I want to go out and get a sandwich. I hug her, and talk into her hair, telling her about how I have a lover, and don’t want to sleep with her.

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