Dream: The Ladies' Club

Dream 20020728, 6:00 AM:

The Ladies’ Club

I’m in a house, and look next door through a big plate glass window and see Bonnie Strauss sitting at a dining table working on something. She has guests with her, and I catch her eye and wave, and she waves back. Then, she motions me over, and I open the window which turns out to actually be a glass door, and go over to her house. She has work for me to do – somehow I end up working for this group of ladies. At one point, they are sitting in a semicircle on a shaped bench, and I am going from one to the next doing hairdos on them. This sequence looks like a cartoon, and I am watching it from a third person perspective. I simply wave my hands over each head in a blur, and they get a new hairdo. I wave my hands over myself too, and end up looking like a woman; I change one item at a time, hair, dress, shoes. I think I do this to fit in.

We go into another room, and everything is realistic again. The women are in a huge luxurious gang shower; it seems odd that it’s so communal, but still very posh. Then, a bunch of naked men walk in to the shower, and start paying attention to the women. I wonder for a minute if it’s going to turn into some sort of orgy. It seems like they’re not doing anything sexual… just washing them and talking to them. I think they’re some sort of paid escorts. The women are all middle-aged or older, and the men look young and handsome. One of them, a tall skinny blond with a really big dick, walks by and I make a comment to someone standing next to me about “Big Eagle Ed.” I realize that Chris is standing here, or sitting on a bench, and he tells me that he had dreamed that I was in there having sex with one of the men; I laugh and say that it’s a shame it wasn’t my dream.

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  1. mstical1
    mstical1 says:

    Money maker

    You know, you could make a fortune if you could figure out a way to charge admission and let other people into your dreams.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Money maker

    Maybe I need to charge admission to my LJ? Nah… I think I’ll just continue to share my (albeit weird) art with the world… or at least my friends!

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