Dream: Can You Take Off From Water?

Dream 20020728, 8:00 AM:

Can You Take Off From Water?

I’m with Joanna and a couple of other people, driving in her car, but it’s a big cream Cadillac, not the Jag. It seems like we’re driving down Kingwood Drive, toward the freeway. She gets cut off by someone, and swerves, and jumps over the curb. There is a weird feeling of vertigo, like an airplane dropping in turbulence, and we are airborne for several seconds. I am concerned for a bit that we’re going to crash, but it seems like we’re still fine, just driving along, but not quite on the road.

Then, Joanna is calling on the phone and yelling at Miguel. I think that Miguel punched me or something – I have a bruise on my arm, although later I have to look to find it.

The phase shifts. I’m not sure if this is a different dream, or if I just missed the transition.

I’m with a group of people, walking down a big hilly area. There seems to be a river or lake off to one side. The group is being shepherded along; I don’t know if it’s a guided tour, of if we’re being supervised. I see a path cutting off through the grass but in the same direction everyone’s going; I decide to take that path, and I can move along faster. I actually skip down the path for a while, because it’s fun. Then, we’ve crested some sort of big hill, and the paths move into a heavily forested area. I realize that I can fly down these paths; it has something to do with the slope being right. I leap into the air and float my way gently down the path. I remember remarking on how amazingly beautiful it is here; the trees have all kinds of beautiful shaped leaves and flowers, and the light of a setting sun is shining behind them, outlining them all in a rich orange glow. I revel in the sheer beauty of this experience for a while.

When we get to the bottom of the trail, there is a big wide beach opening on to a body of water; I think it’s a lake. There is a man floating out in the water, I think he’s got an inner tube or a raft; he’s a guard or lifeguard. There is an area marked off with orange ropes and safety buoys, and we’re not allowed to get outside of that area. I fly around a while, over the water and over the beach. Cynthia Dorn Navarrete is here, and she says something to me about how she enjoys flying too; I ask her if it’s possible to take off from the water, and she isn’t sure. She is sitting in the shallow water right by the edge. She swims out a few strokes, then tries to get up into the air, and can’t. She tells me that she can’t get into the air; the water is too heavy. I think I try this as well. Then, she’s sitting back in the shallows, on a little shelf of rock, and she the guard says that there are carrots here. She reaches down beside her, and there are indeed some tiny carrots growing sideways into the rock of the shelf, just above water level. She pulls one out, and starts cleaning it with her fingernail underneath the water. She gives me a bite, and takes a bite herself; it’s sweet and tasty.

Then, I look up into the dark night sky, and see a shape in the stars moving. I think that perhaps it is a constellation, but as it moves, I realize that it’s an airplane. It doesn’t have head and tail lights like it ought to, it is just outlined with little dots of light. It is tumbling downward toward the horizon, and I am afraid that it is going to crash. Then, I realize that it’s not a real airplane, it’s a model, about two or three feet long, and it swoops low over the lake and does some figures in the air.

Then, another phase shift. I’m looking at what appears to be a police shoot-out situation. It is outside of a building, and broad daylight. I think this has to do with friends of mine, and we are the “bad” guys, although from our perspective, the cops are wrong and trying to kill us. I watch as one of the people kills one of the cops by reflecting some sort of blue-light weapon on him; she says, “Look out behind you!” as she does this. It reflects through a very shiny mirrored contraption that reminds me of the exam lamps a dentist uses. Another cop is sitting in his car, and is going to take off to warn the others, or attack my friends – I can see him, but my friends can’t, and I’m concerned.

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