Dream: The Competing Renaissance Faire

Dream 20020724, 4:20 AM:

The Competing Renaissance Faire

I’m at a Renaissance faire. This is at the very end of the dream, but I can’t remember what happened in front of this. They are getting ready to close, and there are automated gates that are set up to let people out singly or in little groups. They are not manned, but there are lots of staff in shorts and golf shirts with walkie-talkies standing around watching the gates, as if to make sure they’re working right. One of them explains to me that it’s the first time they’ve used the new automated gates, and they have to watch them for safety. They are explaining to all the patrons how to use the gates.

We leave, go out toward our cars. It seems that we are walking along the top of a flat rock area, like a mesa. There is construction going on – they have dug a big hole right in the middle of a big area of flat rock. It looks like a swimming pool, although much deeper. I realize that they’re building a competing Renaissance faire – I think the other one will be mad when they find out. I don’t remember if we climb down a rope to go into the hole, or whether we just look at it from above.

There is someone who shows up from the other Renaissance faire – he is angry, because the new place is stealing their concept.

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