Dream: The Quarry Pool

Dream 20020718, 7:00 AM:

The Quarry Pool

I am with Chris; we are swimming in a big wide river. The current is lazy, and we are just paddling around. I see something that looks like the shell of a box turtle; must be one of the box turtles is swimming as well. We are talking, and I tell Chris that I really wish we had someplace deep and clear to swim. I like the river, but it’s murky and muddy. We go over an area that looks like a spillway or dam, and there is a round, perfectly clear pool there – it looks like a quarry pond. It seems to be immensely deep, but the water is perfectly clear, and the sense of depth keeps being confused by the clarity of the water. I think that it must be fifty or sixty feet deep; I remember thinking that there was no way I could swim to the bottom. The whole bottom surface is covered with rounded brown rocks, like river polished stones. The walls are very high and steep. We walk around it a while, but don’t swim in it.

Then, I see that there is a man walking along the bottom, wearing a long coat. There is a woman with a little boy standing on some sort of walkway overlooking the lake. The boy is probably three or four; he is throwing something down from the walkway, like sticks. One of them hits the man as he is walking around the lake. The man picks up something and throws it back up at the boy; it hits the boy, knocking him off the walkway. He tumbles through the air and falls in the mud; it seems when he hits ground that the man disappears. I know that somehow he has possessed the boy’s body. I go over to the boy, and pick him up – now, he looks like a dog, reminds me of Kego. He keeps shifting appearances, now a dog, now a bird, now looks like a stuffed toy. I hold on to him, and tell him to let go of the boy… the boy’s face pops up, but I know it’s not him. Then, he looks like he has raven’s claws – they are sharp and black, shiny feet – and I hold him so that they are pinned to his side and he can’t attack me with them. He is talking all the while. I know that if I don’t manage to make him get out of the boy’s body, the boy will die, or be trapped in some sort of other plane.

This goes on for a while. Then, frustrated by not being able to make any headway, I decide to dive in – mentally or magically, it seems like I’m in an imaginary world, inside of the man’s mind. I am chasing him through corridors and rooms, trying to catch him. There are a bunch of little red boxes, like pixilated dots – they are kind of a brick red, and there are probably twenty or thirty of them. They are like a pack of dogs -they are hunting him down for me. It seems almost like a video game. The sense of motion as I’m giving chase is very smooth, as if I’m flying or floating through the spaces, not running. I don’t catch up with him before I wake.

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