Dream: The Glass Paperweight

Dream 20020710, 5 AM:

The Glass Paperweight

I’m working on making a glass paperweight. It is about three inches across, and only slightly domed. I’m copying from an original which I keep referring to. The design is made in the bottom of the paperweight, with little three-pointed indentions, the shape of stumpy jacks, or short-stemmed letter Y’s. Some of the shapes are filled with glass in a brilliant royal blue; others are clear, and just sparkle. I am making the indentions with a tool like a small drinking straw. The patterns of white and blue stars seem like a swoosh, or swirls of color. It seems like the glass is soft although cool; like I will bake it to set it once I’m done with the design work.

Chris comes in, and tries to help with the work, but he messes it up. He can’t make the shapes right. Then, I’m making a copy of the same thing, but on paper – like a very complete drawing. It is supposed to look exactly like the original. I have gotten the colors at the center, which looks like a large swirled cabochon, too dark – I take an eraser and lighten it. Chris and I go to bed, but it seems like it’s two mattresses side by side, with a crack in the middle. We are mad at each other.

Outside, I am waiting for some people to arrive, so that we can go to a tour of homes in a new subdivision.

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