Dream: Sewing Machine in the Schoolroom

Dream 20020630, 10 AM:

Sewing Machine in the Schoolroom

I’m at school; it seems like high school, or possibly middle school. I think that I’m in the wrong class. I have a sewing machine, all closed up in its case, and I put it on my desk. There is a black boy beside or behind me, and he has a sewing machine too. I comment that you don’t often see two sewing machines in one classroom. He wants to switch places; he moves up to where he’s in front of me.

I can’t find my schedule to see if I’m really in the wrong class. I look through all the pockets of my bag. The teacher talks really fast; he’s talking about some literary criticism.

The bell rings. We all leave the classroom. Walking down the hall, I see a restroom that says, “Ladies” and then one that says, “KIDDIES” – it has a red door, with a black sign with white lettering. There is a huge combination lock in the center of the door, with a dial that turns around; I think this is so that the kids can get in there and be safe from older kids. I wonder to myself if it’s hard for the little kids to work the combination, or remember it. In the center, it says, “EXIT – R for the Rainbow.”

I walk onward; there are two guys walking along side me. They worry me. I get outside, and it seems like my sunglasses are clouded, or it’s dark. There is a huge, bright orange dog here, licking himself – looks like a Husky. I think to myself that dogs can’t really be orange; it’s like fluorescent orange.

NOTE: I think that I was trying to catch myself dreaming in this one; I commented to myself in the dream repeatedly that things seemed unreal, but didn’t manage to catch the dream sign.

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