Dream: The Elevator or the Stairs

Dream 20020628, 3:30 AM:

The Elevator or the Stairs

I’m in a high-rise building. I’m standing with a woman in an alcove beside the elevator; the elevator opens directly onto a room, not a hallway, and there is a young male-female couple in bed in the room. There is no door to the room, just the alcove and an open doorway. Their room is dark, but the alcove is lit. I ask the woman why we’re here – she says that she’s just watching. The man in bed moves, as if he sees us. We don’t want to bother them, so we get into the elevator, go down.

I go down, and back up and down, to several floors. There is not another one like the one I was in first, with no hallway – all the other floors have more normal lobby areas. Each floor has more people than the last. At one floor, I see David Goldberg, and talk with him about the elevator, and how it seems like the floors in the elevator don’t match up with the floors that you reach by the stairs – like the numbers are different. We experiment a while, trying different combinations to see.

Then, I’m in a college building, in an area of small classrooms. I have to go to the Earth Day Classroom (it’s the name of the room, not the class) and when I get there, it’s hand-written on a piece of white board set onto the door. I go in, sit down, and the professor begins speaking; it seems like almost everyone but me has a textbook. There are people here that I think I know from high school.

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